ACD Machine Control Co Pvt ltd is a 40-year old Mumbai-based manufacturing company, specialised in indigenously developing and manufacturing equipment in vibration and wind monitoring systems.

Electronic vibration switch is designed as direct replacement of mechanical vibration switches. These mechanical switches being used in yester years have very little merit and served the purpose when the requirement was not stringent. As they rely on large impacts or inertia (both acceleration) nuisance tripping during start-up is a common problem.

ACD vibration switches can be directly installed in place of mechanical vibration switches and offer immense advantages. The basic sensor is piezo electric accelerometer which has no moving parts. These electronically integrate the acceleration signal giving velocity signal. Vibration could be controlled very precisely with graduated controls. Built in electronic delay takes care of startup and other spurious signals. Remote reset is another positive advantage.

Some of the applications are Cooling Towers, Centrifuges, Large Motors and Generators, Compressors, VSI Crushers, Naval Vessels etc.

The device is quite useful for protection of VSI Crushers.

ACD’s Wind Velocity Monitor / Switch was prompted by some serious crane accidents during erections of tall constructions, where wind conditions appear to have been a major contributing factor.

The device is quite useful for safety of tower / crawler cranes.

The operation of a crane without knowledge of the expected wind forces can lead to a failure of components and/or turning over of the crane; in cases of negligence there is a risk to life.

The crane operator must be given sufficient warning to decide when the crane should be put out of service because of risks due to high winds and his inability to control the load. It is likely that many fatalities could have been avoided with proper wind condition monitoring.

ACD’s wind velocity monitor continuously monitors wind speed and provides two limit switches with one changeover relay contact per setting. Bright display allows the user to note the readings in poor light condition also. The panel has provision to set the alarm and danger limits (settable over full range) with one change over contact.

Our other products include Dynamic Balancing Machines, Portable Anemometers, Wind Data Loggers, Vibration data loggers, Vibration meters.

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