Access control systems are among the most in-demand technologies nowadays — and for a good reason. According to Fortune Business Insights projections, the access control market could reach $20.02 billion by 2027.

The usage of a deadbolt lock and its brass key was the gold standard in access entry many years ago. Modern firms, on the other hand, have demanded more, as technology and capacities have advanced. This has led to bafflement in determining which security system would function the best. The major factors around how smooth the process can be! And, when it comes to installing world-class security systems for its consumers, Avians has been a game-changer in ensuring the ease of product design, performance, Installation service, and usage.

With Avians’s growing directives in private and government institutions, an opportunity knocked on our doors and Avians was successfully able to pull off a harrowing undertaking, maintaining time sensitivity and integrity. The pull-off with one of our channel partners for the Indian Defence where it was found that they were facing extreme performance and maintenance issues with the existing bollards that were installed in the port area. Since these bollards were installed for defense purposes, they were meant to perform at all times to ensure complete protection of the establishment.

The Indian Defense chose to approach us directly after a thorough discussion with our channel partner. A site visit was made immediately to put forth the proceedings without losing much time on the decision aspect of the meeting. With a thorough orientation check on our knowledge, service quality, and manufacturing facilities of our automatic bollards, they were able to place their trust in us and opted to go forward with Avians for their security. With Avians’s pan India service and concrete governmental clientele, our end client chose our made-in-India crash rated bollards, which eliminated the need for outlandish maintenance. We were honored that they found our automatic bollards, led bollards, retractable bollards and services to be perfect for their establishment and deemed us suitable as their next project partners.

Following a planned discussion, K8 crash-rated bollards with the dimensions of K12 (350 * 1200*16 mm) were proposed which were then made to order purely on the requirements of the defense establishment. They also wanted a customized set of safety bollards with emergency switch operations. With an experienced R&D team, a switch made by drawing a hydraulic pipeline of 10 m* 15 m for an entire set of bollards was designed and configured to be used in the order in less than 3 seconds of operation during an emergency. 

We dispatched a team to the live location after finding the issue to assess the capacity and capabilities of the required bollards.

With our execution team comprising one with civil engineering, tech support, and guidance staff, the next step was the safe execution of the bollards on the site. Electric work was done both offsite and onsite without delays and all the supervision that was needed was given as per request for the safe installation of the bollards on the shore area.

Challenges faced during Installation

As the installation was deemed near seashore, the process was overwhelmingly difficult in comparison to land projects. In and around areas with continuous water log and supply, the soil becomes loose, which makes it difficult to lay a solid foundation.

However, with the use of competent manpower, tools and equipment, and effective skills of our staff members, the installation was completed on time. Our skilled engineers were able to do the job at their stipulated time without any discrepancies. Our team had to use their experience and skills very effectively since installing automatic & crash rated bollards in a coastal area is not an easy task. With a lot of patience and dedication, the team was able to manage both offsite and onsite issues and overcome all the hurdles they were facing.

Our manufactured crash rated bollards were successfully able to minimize their need for off-schedule maintenance. It is a matter of great honor for all the team members of Avians who worked in and out for this campaign to be successful. We are very proud of the fact we were able to play an extremely crucial part in safeguarding the defense establishment.

This was one of the many cases wherein Avians was able to provide both manufacturing and installation services to one of its clients with 100% success and minimal scope of error. This task was not an easy one and the team faced various challenges. However, they were able to complete the task on hand and provide what our client needed.

The focus of the project inherited was not only in the successful execution but was also a statement of ever-life pride that was meant to be in continual through generations and decades to come. But all in all, this was to a happy client, an achievement and, that’s what was aimed and hoped for!

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