Manoj Kumar, Managing Director, Armix sheds light on Armix’s journey, from addressing global challenges to unveiling groundbreaking machinery, showcasing how the company is redefining the construction machinery landscape with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

Businesses are grabbing hold of chances for expansion and creativity in the ever-changing global construction machinery manufacturing industries. As a dominant force in the field, Armix is actively preparing to introduce innovative equipment in the dynamic realm of infrastructure and construction.

Navigating growth amid global challenges

Manoj Kumar acknowledges the manufacturing sector’s challenges, citing geopolitical tensions like the Ukraine-Russia conflict and issues involving Israel and Hamas. However, he emphasises the resilience of certain markets, citing the thriving conditions in America and the Middle East. Domestically, India is experiencing significant growth, particularly in highway construction, infrastructure development, and border road organisations, all contributing to the success of the manufacturing industries.

Groundbreaking machinery unveiled

Armix showcased two revolutionary machine models at the Excon 2023. The highlight is a groundbreaking triple-station hydraulic press machine weighing over 18 tons. This versatile machine can produce capstone slabs, tiles, dish channels, and more, offering various textures and finishes. Notably, despite being unveiled for the first time publicly, Armix has already sold this machine three times to the Middle East, indicating its strong appeal in fast-growing markets.

In addition to this, Armix is deeply involved in a substantial project in Kuwait featuring a lightweight concrete, autoclaved, aerated concrete plant and a large paver block plant. The SLCM machine (self-loading concrete mixer), launched a few years ago, is gaining traction, prompting the introduction of an electric engine option and a four-cubic-meter variant to align with the global shift towards electric vehicles.

Commitment to sustainability

Recognising the importance of sustainability and environmental impact, Armix is actively transitioning towards electrical systems for mobile machines. Beyond the SLCM, the company is working on equipment like mobile layer machines, small-type batching and mixing plants, and planetary mixers to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start businesses with limited investments.

Manoj Kumar underlines their collaboration with financial institutions to facilitate financing for new ventures, emphasising a commitment to support the industry’s sustainable growth.

Quality, service, and affordability

Armix’s approach revolves around delivering quality equipment, utilising top-notch products in their machines, and ensuring the global availability of parts and services. All equipment is connected to online services 24/7, and any electrical, electronic, or software issues are promptly addressed.

In addition to providing cutting-edge machinery, Armix understands that setting up a factory involves more than just acquiring equipment. The company provides comprehensive support, including structural designs, foundation supervision, and installation assistance, ensuring a holistic approach for its partners. The focus is on fostering long-term partnerships, underlining the pillars of quality, service, and affordability compared to European prices.

Embracing digital advancements and AI

Looking to the future, Armix is embracing digital advancements and artificial intelligence (AI). Manoj Kumar mentions plans for a plug-and-play model that allows for easy relocation of projects, showcasing the company’s commitment to adapt to the evolving landscape and provide efficient solutions.

A grateful acknowledgement

Armix’s dynamic presence at Excon 2023 epitomises a forward-thinking ethos, seamlessly weaving together innovation, sustainability, and comprehensive support. This strategic fusion is a testament to their adeptness in manoeuvring through the complexities and opportunities inherent in the perpetually shifting terrain of the manufacturing realm.

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