As far as the construction equipment market, we look at the compact machinery especially Mini Excavators, Skid Steers and Light Towers. Many of these segments are growing in the country and options are increasing day by day.

What is your expectation from the EXCON ’19?
Excon is a prime event in the country for off highway Industry. We are eyeing for many new segments. With governments continuous focus on infrastructure development, I am sure we will have a lot of chance to explore such opportunities in the show. Next, the emission norm change. It is the most critical challenge for equipment manufacturers around the world now. There will be a lot of discussions expected around this topic across the exhibition. We are prepared and excited to discuss with customers on such challenges as well, to guide them through. We continue to keep our products up to date, with our expertise and rich experience in the industry.

How do you respond to the market, what are the USP of your products that allows you to stand tall?
Quality, reliability and customized solutions – these are the key areas where we make a difference. We ponder on these three aspects before we take any action. It is the best way to approach the challenges that equipment manufacturers undergo today. Owing to continuously changing regulations often people tend to overlook the need of the machine and only try to meet the regulation in place. To give best to the customers, both these factors need to be given equal importance.

Looking at the market opportunities, what are your focus areas?
As far as the construction equipment market is concerned, we look at the compact machinery especially Mini Excavators, Skid Steers And Light Towers. Many of these segments are growing in the country and options are increasing day by day for the customers to select – so our potential clientele list is also growing! We have variety of engines to offer for such clients and these engines are already well proven in Indian conditions. Therefore, any OEM can get advantage of developing a uniform platform to cater to home market and it can be exported to countries like USA and Europe as well.

What is your view on the future of the Engine market?
India is a growing country. There are lot of developments waiting to happen in every sector we operate. For instance, if we look at the agricultural machinery, the country’s farm mechanization level is still below 50 per cent and we have lot of space to expand along with our customers. Infrastructure is still on top priority list of Government that conveys there is no looking back for the equipment industry as well. Further, due to advancing emission norms, many new products and upgrade of existing products are happening across the equipment industry. Overall, there is a disruption happening for the good. At MHI Group, protecting environment is always the top priority. As a group company of MHI, wealso make sure our all actions are aligned towards that goal. Today, engines we produce in India is competent enough to meet EU stage V norms – the most stringent regulation in the world. As India also moving towards same goal, I see lot of opportunities to grow.

Kenji Kawamoto, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries-VST Diesel Engines Pvt Ltd

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