The world is constantly developing with new infrastructural and construction projects coming up every year and heavy machineries are the backbone of the industry that plays a key role in improving productivity by reducing job time. Understanding their importance in this modern society, heavy machines need to always be available to complete projects as per project deadlines.

To ensure heavy machines are always project ready and don’t incur any breakdowns, preventive measures are regularly taken and the schedules are strictly maintained. One such crucial job of machine maintenance is to inspect the joint-integrity. As machines are constantly exposed to challenging terrains and used to its maximum capacities, they face extreme loads and vibrations on a daily basis which can either loosen the bolts or damage them. Therefore, it is important to inspect, tighten or replace bolts during the maintenance process for joint-integrity.

Understanding the importance of bolts in the maintenance process of heavy machinery, we also need to keep in mind that maintenance jobs need to be completed quickly for the machine to be project-ready. As more than 100 bolts are involved in one machine, it is difficult to complete the job quickly without the help of modern bolting tools and equipment.

In comparison to manual torque wrenches that require time and manual labor while delivering inaccurate torque output, HYTORC’s next-generation bolting tools like the FRL-free pneumatic and battery operated torque wrenches provide benefits like high power-to-weight ratio in this tool segment with +/- 5% accuracy. In this article we will list out the benefits of both modern tools i.e. battery and pneumatic operated torque wrenches.

Here are a few reasons why a modern battery torque wrench is beneficial in the maintenance of heavy machineries.
Portability: Battery torque wrenches are cordless and offer maximum portability. They eliminate the need for pumps or any other additional accessories to power the torque wrench. Portability not only allows them to carry the tool anywhere but also the convenience to operate the tool in confined spaces easily.

Faster-operation: As mentioned earlier, time is very important in maintenance jobs to ensure the availability of machines on-time. HYTORC’s battery operated torque wrenches have proven to reduce maintenance job time substantially.

Accurate: These tools can provide a torque accuracy of +/-5% continuously. These can be verified by calibrating the tools once in a year.

Data-recording: Apart from providing accurate torque output, these cordless torque wrenches also record data such as no. of bolts tightened, torque output, operator name, bolt details, etc. which allows easy traceability and monitoring. It is important to provide accurate torqueing to avoid component wear-off as over-tightening can also damage the bolt.

Power-to-weight ratio: Gone are the days when light-weight torque wrenches were not capable of delivering high torque output. With developed bolting technology, battery operated tools like HYTORC’s can deliver torque range between 35 Nm to 6700 Nm.

Safer to operate: In comparison to conventional torque wrenches, next-generation bolting tools are much safer to operate as they eliminate pinch points and risk of injuries while operating the tool with the help of patented special washer technology manufactured by HYTORC.

Understanding the benefits of battery torque wrenches, we now move on to the benefits of modern pneumatic torque wrenches.

FRL-free: As it’s mentioned in the name, HYTORC’s patented modern pneumatic torque wrenches are FRL-free to expand the scope of job opportunities. With conventional pneumatic torque wrenches, FRL restricts the operator to conduct jobs at height. The FRL-free tool eliminates this hurdle and widens the scope of work for the operator.

Digital Readout: HYTORC’s is the first brand in the industry to adopt a digital readout on a pneumatic torque wrench to offer the operator the convenience of checking the torque output delivered when operational. It also allows the operator to adjust the torque output in the tool.

Built-in-Torque Regulator: The built in torque regulator is one of its kind that allows the operator to easily adjust the air flow with a twist of the connector located at the bottom of the handle. The modern design reduces the inconvenience of regulating pressure from the FRL.

Advanced motor with robust components: The modern torque wrench was designed for heavy industrial use with advanced motor and anti-corrosive components, it not only delivers a high power-to-weight ratio but also a high life-cycle.

Understanding the benefits of these tools, it is extremely important for the torque wrenches to deliver accurate torque output to not only maintain joint-integrity to complete maintenance jobs quicker but also eliminate on-site and tool related injuries.

To summarize this article, new bolting tools can not only cut down maintenance job times by 4 times but also provide additional benefits like power, safety, portability, accuracy, and many more. Additionally, providing features like data-recording not only helps traceability but also acts a reference for future maintenance jobs and RCA.n

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