Our global procurement practices ensure consistent materials assuring the quality which customers trust Gates for.
Rajasekhar R, General Manager Marketing & Training, Gates India

  Team B2B Purchase caught up with Rajasekhar R, General Manager Marketing & Training, Gates India to sought his take on the industry, its salient features and also regarding the procurement and the payment concerns.

Range of products
Gates offers a wide range of high pressure and material transfer hoses and couplings, adapters and fittings for the mining and  construction industry for a variety of applications. These hoses are certified by US MSHA for fire resistance and conform to international standards SAE, EN and BCS.

Why Gates India
Rajasekhar claims that as the company designs the products, validates them and manufactures to meet the customer expectations of quality and reliability in very arduous conditions. Gates has a long track record of innovating products and services meeting specific application requirements by actively collaborating with the customers.  A country wide team of application engineers support the customers in optimal product selection, Ve/ Va studies, routing and installation study helping them to improve the uptime of the equipment and reduce the total cost of ownership.
All this, collectively shapes in making Gates India a stand out from the other competitors when it comes to hose manufacture, he claims.

Recent innovations
In the recent times, it is observed that hydraulics is becoming more compact with increasing requirements higher temperature and pressure requirements.  Many applications call for compact and flexible hoses with pressure impulse life beyond standards. Rajasekhar too is very positive about the innovations that have taken place in this area. “There is an increased awareness and demand from the users for reduced down time, ability to track and monitor these assets and environmentally friendly leak free performance. Our range of Mega Sys hoses, Ilok Mining couplings, Sentry Hose management system are towards meeting these requirements,” he says.

Procurement issues and payment concerns
In the eyes of Rajasekhar, it is very important to consider the materials that are used during the manufacturing of the product. He says, “Using the right materials is critical for the performance of the final product. Most of our products are global, which means that wherever they are manufactured in the Gates world, they follow the same raw materials, specifications and performance standards.” He further adds that the procurement practices that the company has set up globally are followed with outmost care. “Our global procurement practices ensure consistent materials assuring the quality which customers trust Gates for,” he speaks.

The team also asked Rajasekhar about the payment concerns that the company shares with the clients. Throwing light on the topic, Rajasekhar said that the liquidity in the construction equipment industry has been a concern for  quite some time and the situation has improved with the various infrastructure  projects gaining momentum in   execution.  “With our long standing and close customer relationships we are able to service our customers at the optimum level,” concludes Rajasekhar.

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