BioWater Treatment Systems LLP is the distributors of Bio-Microbics Inc., USA for India. The Bio-Microbics treatment systems provided by the company can be used in residential, commercial, academic and industrial premises to treat domestic sewage for reuse in various non-potable applications such as gardening, toilet flushing and floor swapping.

The MicroFITT-ee is a wastewater treatment systems that is designed especially for the residential strength wastewater. The system is designed in eight specific sizes based on daily wastewater usage. On average each bedroom is assigned a value for the number of GPD of wastewater it will contribute into the overall treatment system. Finding the right FITT-ee system for any project can be as simple as knowing the residential flow from the source of the wastewater.

BioBarrier Membrane Bio-Reactor
The BioBarrier is a Membrane Bio-Reactor system using pre-engineered modules for quick and easy installation having capacities between 1,900 LPD and 34,000LPD. The BioBarrier uses flat sheet ultrafiltration PvDF membranes to yield the highest treated water quality. These systems have been tested by NSF and European testing facilities. They have numerous advantages over competing MBRs.

•    Longer lasting, superior membranes.
•    Less maintenance and cleaning required. BioBarrier has been tested in US and Europe with cleaning intervals of 12 and 9 months respectively.
•    BioBarrier does not use a bar screen which needs to be cleaned daily and where the rubbish has to be manually disposed of. Instead, it usesBio-Microbics’ Patented SaniTEE screens which need cleaning once in 3-4 months. •    More reliable and less likely to clog. BioBarrier systems are designed in such a way that they are self-cleaning.
•    BioBarrier systems have been extensively tested and are award winning designs.
•    BioBarrier Systems use very silent, long lasting, low maintenance blowers which have their own weather-proof housing and do not need a blower room.
•    BioBarrier does not use fine-bubble diffusers which have to be replaced every 4-5 years. They use course bubble diffusers which give better mixing and last twice as long.

The RetroFITT-ee is a treatment system for bungalows. It uses the same treatment technology as the FAST and is designed to be retrofitted into an existing septic tank to convert it into a sewage treatment system. The RetroFITT-ee is available in capacities of 600 LPD, 950 LPD and 1,400 LPD.

They use highly energy efficient blowers leading to very low operating costs. It is ideally suited to weekend homes, farm houses and bungalows in urban areas. Water from these systems can be reused for gardening and toilet flushing. They use gravity flow and require no human intervention. The systems have been tested and certified to strict European standards.

Shroffs Engineering Limited (Bio-Microbics)
No. 111, GIDC Estate, Markarpura,
Vadodara, Gujarat – 390010

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