Quality of water in its natural form is rapidly deteriorating due to pollution by industrial and domestic contaminants. The need of managing water is not only to deliver with reliable treatment processes, but also to implement workable analysis systems to monitor and control processes. These would be real time analysis and measure the water quality online.

Traditionally water parameters used to be measured and recorded in an offline laboratory way. Modern online monitoring solutions offer real time analysis and open a complete new dimension in limiting water pollution. Continuous monitoring by the systems track and immediately report any abnormalities in discharged water to environment. Online monitoring would also play a vital role in atomising processes like primary and secondary treatments, aeration basin, biological treatment, tertiary treatment, filtration, nutrient removal, nitrogen removal, phosphorus removal, disinfection, and odour control etc.

Factors to consider:
•    The analysis method should work with least manual intervention for 15 days to a month
•    It should be user friendly and easy to maintain. Very accurate yet complex systems will invariably fail to perform because of its nature of handling. For certain industries, an in-house expertise to handle such systems is rarely available.
•    They should work on unconventional methods like optical, UV/ IR, ultrasonic etc. which are possibly dry measurements, for analysis. Use any reagents or chemicals should be avoided. If certain parameters need to be measured only by conventional methods, use of reagents and chemicals should be minimal. The reagents and chemicals used should be non-proprietary and non hazardous in handling.
•    The system should come with features like auto cleaning and auto calibration.
•    The system should come with basic diagnostic and data reporting features.

Forbes Marshall systems for real time monitoring are rugged and suitable for harsh plant level environment. Analysis methods are simple and reliable. The systems for measurement of DO, Oil, COD, BOD etc. are based on UV technology, which does not call for any chemicals or reagents.

The systems can be left unattended for a month or more with service intervals of about 6 -12 months for necessary checks. As most of our real time equipment do not use electrochemical methods, there is no concern of shelf life or a definite replacement interval. They can perform for years together without any consumables replacement.

Forbes Marshall provides comprehensive services and are responsible for successful functioning of equipment. Moreover sample handling accessories as required are designed and manufactured in house to cater to the most versatile and harsh samples.

Forbes Marshall also provides comprehensive data reporting and analysis software with wired or wireless connectivity with field systems. This features real time data reporting, diagnostics, preventive maintenance and optimization of parameters for better and reliable process control with web connectivity.

Experience in handling service contracts and complete packages with single point responsibility is an added bonus.

Authored by:
Shantanu Choudhari
Product Manager
Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd.
P B # 29, Mumbai-Pune Rd.,
Kasarwadi, Pune 411 034
Tel.: 020-27145595/27442020

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