Thane and Surat commission state-of-the-art C&D waste recycling facility to transform its waste into valuable resources.

Two new CDE mobile wet processing systems were recently commissioned in Indian cities of Thane and Surat for recycling construction and demolition wastes generated by their rapidly developing infrastructure.

In line with Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste management Rule of 2016 of the central government, every city should have its own C&D waste management facility and also a policy for the same. Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) and Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC), investigated the possibility of installing C&D waste management facilities in their cities which would facilitate the recycling of construction and demolition waste. One of the critical aspects of selecting CDE recycling technology was its compact footprints, low energy requirement and the fact that it does not generate dust, noise or water pollution during processing.

In Thane, out of 1,000 metric tonnes of waste that is generated on a daily basis, 200 metric tonnes is from construction and demolition debris alone. The civic body has formulated a policy wherein the contractor responsible for generating debris (either through construction or demolition) will have to pay money to TMC for transferring and treating it at its plant in Daighar. Those who are found dumping debris illegally on land, water bodies or mangroves will have to cough up fines between `5,000 to `20,000, apart from paying waste transfer and treatment charges. The waste generator will have to pay `1,089 per metric tonne of waste as transportation charges. If they transport the waste themselves they shall pay `545 per metric tonne. In case they generate debris less than one metric tonne and are willing to transport it to Daighar, then they would not have to pay anything. The Daighar plant can treat up to 300 metric tonnes of debris per day, it can convert the waste into tiles, paver blocks and concrete blocks. TMC provide a 20 per cent discount in C&D waste treatment to the building contractors who are ready to buy these recycled by-products and re-use them.

In 2018, TMC & SMC had floated tenders on PPP basis for selecting the waste processor who would be responsible for setting up new recycling facility for processing the city’s C&D waste in lieu of a tipping fee. Metrro Waste Handling Pvt Ltd (MWH) won the contract from Thane Municipal Corporation and Surat Green Precast Pvt Ltd (SGGPL) won the Surat Municipal Corporation contract. As a result, both companies then invested into a brand-new mobile recycling plant from CDE Asia which not only satisfied the requirement of the contract but ultimately allowed them to produce quality washed sand and aggregates for selling directly onto local contractors who in turn can use this material on a variety of construction projects. The materials produced include a range of aggregates in the following sizes; +80mm oversize, +20mm – 80 mm, 8-20mm and washed sands in the form of 2-8mm grit and 0-2 mm sand.

Having commissioned the facility, the customers soon became aware of the financial benefits and process efficiencies of CDE C&D recycling technology that maximises water recovery and dealt with wastewater from the plant to suit space restrictions on the project site. CDE water and waste treatment solution has resulted in a completely self-contained CDE wet processing plant which allows for all water being kept within the system making it a zero discharge system. This has therefore kept requirements for fresh water top ups to a minimum at a rate of less than 5cu.m per hr. The inclusion of sludge management process has in itself generated cost savings as the recycled soil can be recovered and utilised for making bricks.

SGPPL Managing Director, Kanoj Lakhani comments “We have been very happy with the green solutions that CDE Asia has successfully delivered and we are particularly impressed with the highest quality of the equipment and its small footprints to suit the limited land available for operations on site. This C&D waste recycling plant has allowed us to efficiently process C&D waste and more importantly, produce quality washed sand and aggregates, which is critical for the success of our venture”.

As with all projects, from the moment of the initial investment, CDE adopted a collaborative approach with the two customers and established a close relationship with them throughout all stages of the process. This involved a variety of elements including an onsite training workshop to educate the local contractors and regulators to maximise use of recycled products. CDE engineers explored various other elements of the project design and assigned a project manager from the outset who acted as the single point of contact for the customer from design, manufacture, logistics, installation, commissioning and ongoing plant management. Vice President, Sanjay Singh comments ‘From the point of sale, I was directly and closely involved with both customers to deliver a high-quality recycling plant which would meet their exact technical requirements. This approach has allowed for a smooth transition to project completion and the client has benefited greatly throughout all stages of project delivery’.

Chief Financial Officer for CDE Asia, Manish Madhogaria highlights “Our tailored approach allows us to ensure that we are delivering both a first-class plant and customer experience throughout the entire process. The customer has an active involvement in everything we do from design, product specifications, plant location, capacity, etc and we in turn use our wet processing expertise to help them make high quality recycled products that will provide them with best possible return on investment.”

With their main purpose being the creation of value for their customers, CDE’s success is demonstrated by its commitment to how they create and manage value. The latest innovation of ReUrban range of mobile C&D waste recycling plant from CDE Asia, has proven to go a long way in helping to shape their future efficiencies which they can then pass onto their end users. With the recycled sand and aggregates having numerous uses, namely in construction projects, CDE are encouraging sustainable building through production of high-quality recycled products from waste.

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