Planetary gear box is one of the most compact, innovative and technologically brilliant product and is the future of gearbox market for construction machineries. Construction is a segment that needs rigid, rugged construction of gearbox with special castings of SG iron (special grade) to allow usage in extreme ambient conditions like ambient temperatures, dusty & dirty environment, various humidity conditions, and handling by unskilled labour.

Specific and special planetary gearboxes are developed for bar bending machineries where challenges of compactness, frequent on/off operations, short resting times, special outputs, special breather/oil level indicator and many more specialties in product to fit it in bar bending machine.Radicon Powerbuild has the complete range of planetary gear boxes and geared motors and can caters a wide torque range upto 65000Nm which covers the industry requirement.

The company offers planetary geared motor with nearly 10 rpm speed of planetary gearbox, it bends the bars very safely and faster than any other conventional system with remarkable process downtime. Earlier arrangement of belt pulley is replaced by this highly efficient, low backlash and technologically advance system i.e. planetary gearmotors.

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