The HP series of pneumatic tyre rollers is one of the world premieres from HAMM at bauma 2019. HP series rollers offer drivers simple, intuitive operation and an ergonomically optimised operator’s platform. Together with a number of sophisticated details in terms of machine design, the asymmetrical frame provides for excellent compaction and optimal visibility at all times.

HAMM has improved the ballast flexibility with prefabricated ballast body kits available in various weights and the facility for straightforward self-ballasting. There are also new solutions for water and additive sprinkling such as large tanks, a pressurised filling system as standard, a large additional water tank that can also be used as ballast and a novel additive preparation process which is as simple as it is efficient. The HP series pneumatic tyre rollers will be available in various basic versions (HP 180 / HP 180i and HP 280 / HP 280i) with operating weights ranging from 8-28 tonnes. In addition, HAMM also offers a wide range of options, from classic features such as the tyre inflation system and the edge pressing and cutting equipment, to new innovations such as anti-slip control for optimum traction.

Split oscillation drum satisfies requirements
Alongside the split vibrating drums, HAMM also offers split oscillation drums, which combine the benefits of oscillation with the added value of a split drum. Oscillation enables these drums to deliver excellent results for compaction on bridges, of thin layers, in vibration-sensitive areas or at critical temperatures. Thanks to their split drums, they are ideally suited to challenging tasks such as compacting difficult-to-compact asphalts and curved sections. This premium solution is the only one of its kind on the market. A separate, mechanically-independent oscillation unit operates in each half of the split oscillation drums. An integrated control mechanism adjusts the rotational speeds of each half of the drum to match one another. The synchronisation is done electrohydraulically. Because the system reacts quickly and precisely, synchronous vibration in each of the two drum halves is guaranteed in any situation. This reduces the danger of cracks in or displacement of the asphalt, and is ultimately a great advantage in terms of quality.

Easy Drive: One operating concept for four series of rollers
Over the past few years, HAMM has launched the innovative operating concept Easy Drive onto the market. It is the result of an extended research and development project over a number of years in which HAMM has collaborated with universities and ergonomics specialists as well as roller drivers from different countries. Easy Drive offers machine operators ample clearance, optimum ergonomics and plenty of comfort, in addition to advantages such as intuitive and therefore safe user guidance, the shortest possible learning and familiarisation times and an operator’s platform that can be adjusted to practically any body height. Easy Drive has now been introduced into all new generations of machines: it is now available for all DV+ series tandem rollers and H series compactors, as well as for most HD+ series tandem rollers and HP series pneumatic tyre rollers. The system for operation is the same for all of these rollers, with each one adapted to the specific functions of each individual series. As the design allows for rapid, stress-free orientation, drivers can be deployed flexibly on different roller types. The amount of feedback received from operators and construction companies also shows that Easy Drive provides added value. They all agree that the overall concept makes for sustained concentration and very safe and relaxed operation.

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