Machines equipped with smooth drum and responsive controls further contribute to meeting construction timeline faster.

Soil compaction is an essential part of the process while laying down roads. It works as densifying, eliminating air gaps, improving the strength and stiffness of the soil and maintaining the specified base level. Being the major contributor in construction segment, it is important for industry players to keep innovating and upgrading technology to offer more efficient machines in order to ease the job work.

Equipment aiding speed, efficiency
CASE India has its extensive range of construction equipment to offer comprising of loader, loader backhoe, compactors, skid steer, crawler dozer and motor graders. These machines are powered with FPT Industrial engine to provide powerful performance and fast response time. The company’s machines are manufactured in India as well as some of them are imported from other parts of the world infusing latest technology and upgrades.

“With our heavy-duty equipment range, construction of roads and highways should be faster. With the fortunate fate of construction year 2018, we have witnessed ample number of projects being awarded. We expect to grow even faster than the industry contributing our part of deploying best quality equipment range,” says Ajay Aneja, Brand Leader, CASE India.
Volvo CE has a long-standing reputation for fuel-efficient, high-performance equipment that delivers unbeatable uptime. The company’s soil compactors are equipped with smooth drum and responsive controls which deliver exacting finishing work which means the machines need to make fewer passes. These factors contribute to a faster construction timeline. “Volvo’s fuel-efficient machines can offer fuel saving of up to 10 per cent, resulting in significant cost savings,” Dimitrov Krishnan, Vice President and Head of Volvo CE India.

Volvo’s versatile and intelligent machines help the operator to achieve as high a level of performance and efficiency as possible, whatever the demands of the job. “Volvo’s advanced drum control system allows the operator, via an easy-to-use console, to adjust the frequency and amplitude, compensating for changing soil types and conditions,” adds Krishnan.

Two frequency settings come as standard but five can be included as an option. High or low amplitude can be selected to adjust the drum’s dynamic force based on the job and material depth. Meanwhile, the optimised centrifugal force and auto-vibration feature also improve performance, ease of operation and productivity. The traction system provides excellent climbing and traction capabilities in difficult applications, such as steep inclines or slippery surfaces, preventing wheel or drum spin for excellent gradeability, performance and productivity.

Suitable compactors
CASE India offers 1107EX and 1110EX in its soil compactor range. 1107EX soil compactor comes with a new FPT Industrial S8000 engine that delivers 100 HP at 2200 RPM. The hydrostatic variable speed control ensures the CASE 1107EX travels at the perfect speed for every type of soil, resulting in a uniform compaction.

The recently launched CASE 1110EX-D with HVAC Cabin, featuring a new FPT Industrial S8000 engine delivers 110 HP at 2300 RPM and torque of 430 Nm at 1400 RPM. This machine is fit for mining application and is available in two variants; drum drive and pad foot drum, equipped with ROPS/FOPS HVAC cabin catering to operator’s comfort and safety.

Volvo soil compactors are versatile machines that can efficiently compact varying soils and aggregates in applications such as highways, utilities, water retention structures, as well as in the preparation of large residential, commercial and industrial sites.

There are many features on each Volvo compactor which help them deliver more productivity and efficiency for road projects. For example, in addition to optimising power and productivity, the Volvo SD110BA is designed to achieve high-quality compaction and a flawless mat finish. Utilising infinite frequency choices and dual amplitudes, the versatile machine gives operators the flexibility to modify the drum’s dynamic force according to material depth and type. With a flip of a switch, the operator can easily adjust the amplitude from the operator console to adapt to varying layer thickness, ensuring precise compaction. Similarly, the DD90B double drum asphalt compactor can handle varying conditions and widths to offer flexible pavement compaction in a variety of applications, including parking lots and airport runways.

Being one of the pioneers in efficient and intelligent oscillation compaction, HAMM presents two exciting innovations such as split oscillation drum and VIO compaction meter for oscillation. HAMM further optimised the drive concept for the oscillation drums, making the next generation of oscillation drums completely maintenance-free.

HAMM offers split oscillation drums which combine the benefits of oscillation with the added value of a split drum. Oscillation enables these drums to deliver excellent results for compaction on bridges, of thin layers, in vibration-sensitive areas or at critical temperatures. Thanks to their split drums, they are ideally suited to challenging tasks such as compacting difficult-to-compact asphalts and curved sections. A separate, mechanically-independent oscillation unit operates in each half of the split oscillation drums. An integrated control mechanism adjusts the rotational speeds of each half of the drum to match one another. Synchronisation is done electrohydraulically and synchronous vibration in each of the two drum halves reduces the danger of cracks in or displacement of the asphalt, and is ultimately a great advantage in terms of quality.

HAMM offers the ability to measure compaction in oscillation mode. HAMM rollers can document their passes in a traceable way, even for continuous dynamic compaction control applications with oscillation. The system is already available for the H 7i VIO and H 13i VIO compactors.

HAMM’s innovative operating concept Easy Drive is the result of an extended research and development project over a number of years in which HAMM has collaborated with universities and ergonomics specialists as well as roller drivers from different countries. Easy Drive offers machine operators ample clearance, optimum ergonomics and plenty of comfort, in addition to advantages such as intuitive and therefore safe user guidance, the shortest possible learning and familiarisation times and an operator’s platform that can be adjusted to practically any body height. Easy Drive has now been introduced into all new generations of machines; it is now available for all DV+ series tandem rollers and H series compactors, as well as for most HD+ series tandem rollers and HP series pneumatic tyre rollers.

With our heavy-duty equipment range, construction of roads and highways should be faster.
Ajay Aneja, Brand Leader, CASE India

Volvo’s fuel-efficient machines can offer fuel saving of up to 10 per cent, resulting in significant cost savings.
Dimitrov Krishnan, Vice President and Head of Volvo CE India

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