Do you work on limited-access job sites where mobility is of high importance? Do you need to crush construction waste, debris, stones on site? Do you run RMC plants and need to crush the concrete waste?

For decades, construction waste has resulted in a rising economic and environmental burden. Besides, it’s not just an inconvenience, it is a cost as well. Transporting it off-site reduces profits and delays projects.

Recycling construction and demolition waste

In the interest of sustainable construction practices, activities such as on-site waste processing have been introduced.

On-site construction waste management are an environmentally friendly and economically convenient solution for all your waste processing needs. 

Rubblecrusher mobile mini crushers are designed and built for just this purpose. They are track-mounted, easy to transport, fast and simple to set-up and can be operated by a single operator. 

Rubblecrusher RC150 offers performance, mobility, manoeuvrability, and above all – safety. You can save time, labour and expenses when you crush and recycle on-site.


On-site processing crushes, screens, and reuses construction debris directly on the job site. This not only provides immense economic benefits but also promotes green construction solutions. The growing environmental impact of traditional construction methods drives the construction industry’s shift towards sustainability. The major advantages of on-site crushing is:


RC150 is compact enough to pass through a doorway, operate even in back gardens and constrained access areas. Rubblecrusher can be set up and functional in less than 5 minutes, it can crush stones, glass, porcelain, marble, granite, bricks, blocks, asphalt and reinforced concrete onsite for immediate reuse. It can work  all day on just 35-40 litres of diesel. 

Rubblecrusher will eliminate the transportation and landfill costs.  The crusher can be easily towed by a Jeep or transported in a light commercial vehicle. It is environment friendly as crushing onsite reduces carbon emissions, mining and landfills. 

Turn Your RMC Plant or jobsite Concrete Waste Into An Opportunity

Waste generated during concrete production is approximately 3 percent of the total volume of concrete produced in a ready-mixed concrete plant. Concrete is one of the most important construction materials nowadays and its production has reached 25 billons tons a year (World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD, 2007). This in turn produces more than 900 million tons of concrete waste that are produced each year worldwide (Wimala et al., 2011) . Concrete waste at construction sites comes in two forms:

1) excess fresh concrete mix, including residual mix washed from trucks and equipment.

2) concrete dust and concrete debris resulting from demolition.

The RubbleCrusher RC150T Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher provides solutions for concrete and aggregate waste. Designed for use on jobsites or where space is limited, the RC150T can help contractors, landscapers, concrete operations and excavators limit their transportation costs and waste management by crushing concrete and aggregate into a usable and profitable material.

When used at a concrete batching plant, the RC150T provides a cost-effective solution for managing leftover concrete. End-of-day waste that takes up space or increases overall handling costs can be crushed on site into multiple sizes that can be recycled into a saleable product. When paired with the Screen, this product can also be sized and sorted on site producing a range of sizeable product that is ready for immediate use and sale.

Crushed rubble can be used for road gravel, revetments, retaining walls, landscaping gravel, or raw material for new concrete.

Effective help in Disaster management

Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods—natural disasters strike with devastating force, leaving behind a trail of debris. When it comes to debris management, traditional heavy crushers are a logistical nightmare. 

Compact crushing equipment is a viable solution where traditional heavy machinery cannot go. With its quick deployment and versatility in handling different materials, this equipment ensures effective disaster clean-up.

RC150 compact crushing equipment can be transported quickly and used for crushing concrete chunks from damaged structures or asphalt from broken roads. RC150 compact crushing equipment can handle a wide range of disaster-induced materials.

A more viable alternative to Crusher Bucket Attachments

Crusher Buckets have changed the way materials are crushed on-site. Extremely flexible and versatile, these attachments are now a favourite of contractors. However, crusher buckets have their own limitations. They need to be hooked up on a large excavator which can make the entire unit less effective when it comes to sites with access constraint or haulage to hilly terrains.  Productivity of crusher buckets are another disadvantage.

They are a utility product and not a production unit.

Mini Mobile Crushers on the other hand are an independent dedicated crushing unit which can give a productivity of 20-50 TPH. Being an independent unit, it does not require an additional excavator or another carrier machine. Material to be crushed can easily be loaded using a Backhoe Loader or a mini excavator which are much cheaper to rent locally.

Mini crusher plants are more productive and have a much lower operating costs. Your crushing cost per tonne can easily be lowered by a minimum 50%!!

Why a Mini Mobile Crusher?


Using RC150, you can convert construction waste into crushed concrete for road base, recycled asphalt for paving projects, or mulched wood for landscaping.


When it comes to greener construction solutions, on-site construction waste management ensures your brand has a greener image due to less waste and more recycling. 



The RubbleCrusher RC150 is compact crushing solution for recycling construction and demolition waste materials on site. These low-tonnage crushers are perfect for all small- to moderate-sized crushing projects and provide a great solution for builders, landscape gardening, recycling, demolition and medium-sized aggregate crushing.

The Simple Yet Robust Add-On to any Operation: Utilizing the same 650mm x 350mm (26” x 14”) jaw crusher module, the RubbleCrusher RC150 is available in a track-mounted, trailer-mounted or skid-mounted design. They offer an on-site solution to reducing environmental impacts while saving operations time and money. Adding one of the RC150 crushers to your inventory enables you to produce crushed material immediately on the very spot where the material has been collected, allowing for the crushed material to be recycled and reused on the jobsite.

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