Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited (DCBL), a leading Indian cement manufacturer, has taken a significant step towards building a ‘green’ supply chain with the deployment of its first fleet of liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks. DCBL has tied up with GreenLine Logistics, India’s first and only LNG-fueled heavy trucking logistics company, for this initiative, with an initial order of 35 trucks. The deployment of LNG and electric vehicles (EVs) is part of DCBL’s green logistics strategy for the decarbonization of its transportation fleet, which accounts for around 1.5 percent of total CO2 equivalent emissions. DCBL plans to convert 10 percent of its existing fleet of 3,000 vehicles to the eco-friendly LNG alternative fuel by the end of FY24.

Dalmia Cement has employed two types of LNG trucks for the transportation of raw materials and bagged cement, namely trailer and bulker trucks. These trucks will cover a range of 50-600 km for inbound and outbound logistics. The use of GreenLine’s LNG trucks can reduce CO2 emissions by 28 percent, translating to an emission reduction of 24 tonnes of CO2 per truck per year, compared to conventional diesel trucks. Over the initial fleet of 35 LNG trucks, this adds up to a significant reduction of 840 tonnes of CO2 per year. In addition, these LNG trucks can reduce other dangerous emissions such as SOX emissions by up to 100 percent, NOX emissions by up to 59 percent, and particulate matter by up to 91 percent.

Dalmia Cement’s business philosophy is ‘Clean and Green is Profitable and Sustainable.’ The company’s overall CO2 emissions have come down from 670 kg per tonne to 467 kg per tonne, one of the lowest globally. The company is focused on realizing its carbon-negative goal by 2040. The association with GreenLine Logistics will further reduce the company’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions under Scope 3.

Anand Mimani, CEO of GreenLine Logistics said, “We are proud to partner with Dalmia Cement in their emissions reduction journey by decarbonising their heavy trucking and will be investing INR 250 crore to enable the transition of 10 percent of their fleet to LNG by March 2024. Reducing emissions from heavy trucking is crucial for corporations targeting net zero. GreenLine is enabling this through its fleet of LNG-powered heavy-duty trucks.”

Dalmia Cement follows a three-pronged strategy to reduce emissions: by replacing conventional fuels and raw materials with alternative solutions, expanding its overall renewable energy portfolio in solar and WHRS journey towards EV100, and deploying green vehicles in logistics. The company is committed to becoming carbon negative by 2040. Dalmia Cement is also the Climate Group’s first triple joiner company for the EP 100, EV 100, and RE 100 initiatives.

GreenLine Logistics is on a mission to decarbonize heavy trucking in India and is paving the way for widespread adoption of LNG-fueled long haul trucks by showcasing its immense advantages for corporations. GreenLine has collaborated with multiple organizations to create India’s first and only integrated green logistics ecosystem to make LNG trucking a reality in India. The deployment of LNG trucks by DCBL and the collaboration with GreenLine Logistics are significant steps towards building a green supply chain, reducing emissions from the transportation fleet, and contributing to India’s efforts to meet its climate goals.

For more details, visit: https://www.dalmiabharat.com/

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