DEWATS, a cost effective waste water management system is gaining ground in India thanks to developmental agencies like the BORDA. The “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” will be optimistic about technologies like DEWATS that improve the everyday life of Indians. DEWATS will play an important role towards promoting cost effective systems that help in waste water management.

DEWATS, which stands for Decentralised Wastewater Treatment System is a modern solution. DEWATS is technically designed to be low maintenance system. As most of the materials used in DEWATS are locally available, they become economically viable.
DEWATS is a great system both for industrial as well as non industrial purpose. DEWATS can handle small to large quantities of water on a daily basis. The cycle is a daily one. Each DEWATS plant is designed for intake of a particular capacity. As DEWATS is not a sophisticated system, it requires lesser investment is being widely used in industrial areas and within communities. DEWATS is a great answer to sewage treatment. DEWATS can work as a sanitation initiative in places where underground sewage systems are in a developing stage.

Technical advantages in sewage treatment
Since, DEWATS does not require a necessary chemical pre-treatment when it comes to industrial usage. DEWATS is a great solution to sanitation and waste water management and the challenges often thrown in because of Wastewater. DEWATS systems in India are perfectly designed to be compliant with local laws.

The cost advantages of DEWATS
DEWATS are suited for all types’ o industries even though they are specifically suited for SME and MSME due to their nature. Since most SME and small industries are unable to afford sophisticated waste water management systems, it is best suited for small industries. It is expensive to employ trained and skilled people capable of handling Industrial Waste. Since complex and sophisticated waste water systems require a lot of energy, they are not preferred in industries where investment is low.

DEWATS: A revolutionary waste water management system
Since DEWATS is cost effective, it has become a revolutionary system. DEWATS is a game changer in waste water management systems that make it accessible and affordable. Increasingly Waste water management systems are being used in a different way today. Today’s waste water management systems are a mix of DEWATS coupled with some sophisticated systems. DEWATS is a custom made system and is customised according to the place in which it is used. DEWATS is custom made according to the sectors in which they are applied. DEWATS follows strict quality control measures while being implemented by trained professionals. DEWATS will have increasingly important role to play in developing countries. With research being done on DEWATS and waste water management systems that provide people with solutions in waste water management and disposal, it is always a welcome move.

DEWATs is a great way of fighting water pollution, which in end results in safer access to water by creating a system where sewage water is efficiently disposed. DEWATS can be used in a wide range of sectors – Agro-industries, Hospitals, and in rural areas or where ever communitiesare living.

BORDA and its role in DEWATS
Non profit organisations like BORDA (Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association) are working towards providing waste water management systems in India. BORDA closely works with local agencies and the government to help implement better sewage and waste water management systems. BORDA has helped people lead better life today thanks to their sustainable and cost- effective technology and efforts in DEWATS.

DEWATS in “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”
The plan of the Indian Government, “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” emphasises on creating a cleaner India in both urban and rural India. The DEWATS system completely conforms to the agenda that “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” initiative promotes.  The larger applications of the DEWATS system are yet to be seen while they are being adopted at a better rate. The “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” will help in creating a better awareness about DEWATS and many more of such programmes. The CDD society in India (Consortium for Dewats Dissemination) too is creating awareness about DEWATs through the various seminars it conducts.

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