EPACK Prefab’s, a leading Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB) provider, successfully constructed one of India’s largest industrial buildings for a prominent float glass manufacturer.

EPACK Prefab, a prominent player in the Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB) industry, recently undertook a remarkable project to construct one of India’s largest industrial buildings. The recipient of this impressive structure was none other than one of the country’s leading float glass manufacturers, renowned for its integrated operations and emphasis on value-added glass segments. This ambitious endeavour aimed to establish India’s second largest Glass Manufacturing Plant. For this purpose, the glass manufacturer entrusted EPACK Prefab with constructing
their new facility. The project involved procuring and delivering approximately 6600 MT of Built-Up & Sheeting Materials, encompassing structural steel, roofing and cladding materials, and other necessary accessories.

An efficient and professional approach leads to remarkable industrial building achievement
Sanjay Singhania, Director at Epack Group, proudly recounts their remarkable contribution to creating one of India’s largest industrial buildings for a prominent float glass manufacturer. “A highly efficient and professional approach characterised our project,” says Singhania. “Our procurement team worked diligently to source top-quality materials, ensuring a consistent supply. Meticulous planning and coordination allowed us to deliver the materials promptly, aligning perfectly with the erection sequence. We also introduced an innovative double-driver logistics system to expedite material transportation and proactive inventory management to maintain optimal stock levels. The strong collaboration between our project and production teams enabled us to address any issues, resulting in a seamless
workflow swiftly. With a dedicated Quality Control team ensuring stringent standards, we maintained the highest quality throughout the project. Despite challenges, our comprehensive approach ensured timely project delivery. We take immense pride in this achievement and our contribution to India’s flourishing industrial landscape.”

Design elements enhance structural integrity and operational efficiency
The industrial building showcases a range of design elements that enhance structural integrity and functionality. These include multilegged pipe V-type bracings for robust stability, an anchor bolt design with a shear key for exceptional structural integrity, a continuous strut pipe for overall strength, and a dual sag rod system to maintain structural integrity. A purpose-built 350m crane beam facilitates efficient material handling. Optimal ventilation is achieved through a purpose-built roof monitor, while a 1.5m wide valley gutter ensures efficient water drainage. These design features contribute to the building’s success in terms of structural strength and operational efficiency.

Successfully meeting challenges and timely completion despite labour shortage
The project presented significant challenges that were successfully addressed and overcome during its commencement and timely completion. With a strict deadline of just five months and a total tonnage

of approximately 6600 MT, the team had to achieve a minimum daily erection target of 90 MT and 3000 sqm for sheeting. This necessitated meticulous planning and execution to meet the timeline. Furthermore, the project coincided with the peak season of monsoons and crop harvesting, leading to labour scarcity. We at EPack proactively managed this challenge by optimising workforce and equipment resources, ensuring uninterrupted progress despite the labour shortage.

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Overcoming hurdles and delivering excellence
Despite numerous hurdles, unfavourable ground conditions, and practical site issues, we delivered the project within the stipulated timeline. The collaboration between teams, efficient logistical operations, and commitment to quality was instrumental in achieving this feat. The completed industrial building is a testament to our expertise in pre-engineered buildings and our ability to overcome challenges, delivering exceptional results for our clients.

For more details visit: https://www.epack.in/

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