Amit Khaparde, National Sales Head, Everest Steel Building Solutions, in an exclusive interview with B2B Purchase, elaborate on their plans to become the only company in the market that can supply integrated solutions of steel structures, cement Roof sheets, and cement board & panels.

How are you and the industry leaders responding to the ever-changing demands of customers for sustainability and resiliency?
With the growing awareness and need for knowledge upgrades, we are exploring latest technologies to reduce the heat island effect and regulate temperature inside the building structures. We are adopting various sustainable materials with heat-reflection capabilities for roofs; thus making the interiors of buildings more workable.

Could you provide examples of successful PEB and roofing installations in India that have utilised cutting-edge sustainable technologies?
With the development of new construction technologies, the focus is on optimising ambient natural light within buildings and minimising heat transmission inside structures. Many large scale companies in India have adopted various solutions like insulation materials with better R-Value, roofing solutions with higher SRI, usage of RM sourced from regions close to the factory thus reducing carbon footprint and adopting new paint systems that have low VOC values etc., in their projects.

How do construction firms collaborate with other stakeholders, such as architects, engineers, and regulators, to improve project outcomes?
Collaboration is key to success in the PEB and Construction Industry. Architects, Engineers, and consultants play a crucial role in promoting and advocating the usage of innovative products while generating valuable data to improve sustainability in building construction. Early engagement is critical in large-scale projects, and collaborations are necessary to achieve the critical goal of reducing carbon footprint.

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What are the major challenges faced by the industry, and how can collaborations and innovations help overcome them?
Influencers play a crucial role in driving change within the industry, and we as a company continue to support them. We would also like them to look for the usage of integrated solutions like what Everest has to offer. It is vital to spread awareness and encourage the adoption of latest technologies that are sustainable and economical for the user.

Which construction materials are helping you maintain sustainability across the project?
Though Steel construction by itself is sustainable, with lower carbon emissions, less environmental pollution and minimal wastage of materials; we can further improve on it by using roof sheeting and insulation to make the structure energy efficient. We now have access to various types of insulations that are sustainable and it’s essential to find the appropriate combination of these materials. In cases where consultants do not provide specifications, we can suggest solutions to customers based on our expertise. As an integrated solution provider, we aim to offer cost-effective solutions to customers. We can help our customers incorporate sustainable practices in their building projects by introducing new technologies, solutions, and efficient systems.

Which trends are driving the future of PEB buildings with modular construction and smart buildings?
While structural steel members are still widely used, incorporating light gauge frames can provide faster project completion times. Furthermore, cast-in-situ technologies, previously dominant in construction, are now being replaced by cutting-edge factory-made components that can be quickly assembled on-site. These innovations not only enable early project completion but also offer costefficiency.

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What kind of projects are you planning to undertake in the coming years?
Today, we are involved in the development of airport terminal buildings, multi-storey structures, and data centres. At Everest Industries, we also intend to venture into infrastructure projects. The industry is growing and we believe there are many opportunities available for us to explore across sectors

Please talk about your recent Participation at the Roof of India Expo.
During the Roof India event, Everest Industries showcased a wide range of products and solutions catering to various construction sector verticals. Apart from PEB solutions, the company’s other business units dealing in cement boards, panels, and roofing products also participated. In the roofing category, we have recently launched the Evercool roofing system which reduces ambient temperature by a great deal and it is also aesthetically appealing, allowing architects to choose from a range of products depending on the customer’s needs. Additionally, Everest offers cement boards and panels in many variants and patterns for various applications. We plan to synergise our existing business products to become the only integrated solutions provider in the market that offers one-stop solution for steel structures, cement roof sheets, and board & panels.

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