Abhay Rana Infra Services introduces Magni Telehandlers, focusing on urban construction needs. From compact designs to 360-degree rotation, explore how these machines, equipped with Volvo and Deutz Engines, offer unparalleled versatility in handling various tasks within confined spaces.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Abhay Rana Infra Services Private Limited embarked on an Exclusive Distribution partnership with Magni Telehandlers for India in 2023, a monumental alliance that heralded a new era in the country’s construction landscape. The pinnacle of this partnership was showcased with the grand debut of the Rotating Telehandlers at Excon. This transformative event unveiled the unprecedented versatility and adaptability of these cutting-edge machines.

The Rotating Telehandlers stand as pinnacles of versatility, offering many options to accommodate multiple attachments on a single machine seamlessly. Their unparalleled flexibility renders them indispensable across diverse domains, including construction and project sites, warehouses, factory premises, ports, and material handling operations.

At the heart of Magni Telehandlers’ innovation lies the provision of two engine options: Volvo and Deutz Engine. Characterised by their compact design and expedited adaptability through quick couplers facilitating attachment changes, these machines epitomise speed and agility. The 360-degree rotation of the boom elevates their usability, empowering their navigation even within confined spaces, thus amplifying their utility manifold.

Vikram Rana, Director of Abhay Rana Infra Services, emphasised the indispensable features integrated into Magni Telehandlers. These include the Auto Levelling facility, Scissor Outriggers, Crab Steering Facility, and the hallmark 360-degree Rotating boom. Rana accentuated the paramount significance of these machines in propelling the Indian Economy forward. The imperative for pace, agility, and multifunctionality within the evolving landscape of increasingly constricted work sites underscores the pressing necessity for such innovative solutions.

These trailblazing telehandlers boast platforms extending up to 6.35 meters long, bearing a carrying capacity of 500 kg. These attributes render them optimal for various tasks, ranging from maintenance and repair to civil works and painting within urban structures. The remarkable ability of these platforms to manoeuvre at angles of 180 degrees atop the boom positions them as quintessential assets for operations in cramped spaces. Their compatibility with machines ranging from 18 meters to an astounding 51 meters height amplifies their reach while minimising their ground footprint.

Magni’s Rotating Telehandlers offer a spectrum of loading capacities, ranging from 5 MT to 13 MT, complemented by lifting heights spanning from 18 meters to a staggering 51 meters. This robust range reaffirms its status as a cornerstone in the evolution of modern construction equipment, promising unparalleled efficiency and adaptability across diverse work environments.

The collaborative efforts between Abhay Rana Infra Services and Magni Telehandlers have unfurled a new chapter in the annals of construction technology, promising an era of unprecedented efficiency, versatility, and adaptability. These telehandlers stand as the vanguards of innovation, poised to redefine the paradigms of construction practices across India’s evolving urban landscape.

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