Admixtures are used to give special properties to fresh or hardened concrete. They enhance the durability or workability or strength characteristics of a given concrete mixture. Admixtures are used to overcome difficult construction situations, such as hot or cold weather placements, pumping requirements, early strength requirements, or very low water-cement ratio specifications.

Following are some of the admixtures offered by Fibrex:
FIBCON 412/n (Water reducing and retarding super plasticizer)
FIBCON 412/n is a high range water-reducing admixture formulated specifically to extend the wo rking time of following concrete. It is based on Naphthalene Formaldehyde. 

Areas of application:
• Ready mix concrete
• Parking decks
• Bridge decks
• Industrial floors
• Improves durability of dusting concrete surfaces.

Features & benefits
FIBCON 412/n produces “flowing” concrete with controlled delay of slumps loss and workability. It reduces cracking and permeability of hardened concrete and reduces segregation and bleeding in the plastic concrete when used to produce “flowing” concrete. Significantly reduces concrete placement time and cost and water requirements.

FIBCON 412/PC (High-Performance Super Plasticizer)
Fibcon 412/PC is a superplasticiser specifically designed for the production of soft plastic concrete with high early strength characteristics. The special formulation of FIBCON 412/n optimises the dispersion of the binder and at the same time improves the concrete consistency and cohesion.

Areas of application
FIBCON 412/PC is suitable for the production of concrete mixes which require high early strength development, powerful water reduction and excellent flowability.
• Precast concrete
• Concrete with high water reduction
• High strength concrete
• In situ concrete requiring fast stripping time
• Self compacting concrete.

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