Floormart Supply Company is the one-point connection to BUY concrete flooring products that you need. Our team is geared up to serve customers with the best material sourcing from reputed manufacturers, competitive rates, availability at door step, and helping them be one step ahead in project costing and delivery. We are your stockist& no need to keep costly inventory by yourself.

Our mission is to provide the most innovative products in the concrete flooring industry, researched and sourced from overseas and local markets at reasonable cost & timely delivery.

Advantage of Floormart supply company

  • Product knowledge: The company can advise on the best products to suit your needs.
  • Top quality: Floormart sells top quality products and the product range is evolving through ongoing source development.
  • All under one roof: From vapour barrier to floor finishing products – the company can be trusted for all concrete flooring products & accessories.
  • Reliable: Floormart is backed by concrete flooring technocrats and its services are being used by reputed flooring contractors in the industry.
  • Floormart stocks all products for you, So that you can save precious time, money & concentrate on floor construction with out worries.

SHRINKRETE …Shrinkage reducer & crack control admixture.

This powder admixture is specially designed to resist autogenous & drying shrinkage up to 90%.

Benefits :

  • Significantly reduces shrinkage cracking caused by drying and autogenous shrinkage.
  • Decreases curling and related cracks.
  • Allows for longer distance of control joints.
  • Improves durability.
  • Improves concrete rheology & creates creamy concrete that is easy to level & finish.

Steel Armoured Joints:
They are used for protecting construction joints against spalling or breaking. Heavy duty applications on jointed floors with saw cuts and joint-less SFRC or mesh reinforced ground bearing slabs. The joint assembly consists of plate dowels fixed at 500mm Centre to Centre. Floormart Supply Company keeps stock of Armour joints needed for different floor thickness from 100 mm to 300 mm.

TROWEL – Pro —Easy Concrete Floor Finisher.
TROWEL – Pro helps in concrete floor finishing & lubricates the surface for faster, easier finishing.

TROWEL- Pro extends workable time under adverse conditions such as high wind, heat, or low humidity. It eliminates the need to add water to the surface which can be detrimental to the surface performance of the floor. It can also be used to help finish dry shake hardeners in low bleed water environments. Concrete with high cement, air, silica fume, are easier to finish when TROWEL- Pro is applied.

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