For more than 70 years, the Layher name has been synonymous worldwide with high-quality and practically tested scaffolding systems. Layher is present worldwide with more than 45 sales subsidiaries. The products are used for building and construction, in all kinds of industries like chemical plants or power plants, at shipyards and offshore. Due to innovative products, superior technical solutions and Layher’s absolute customer orientated service package Layher has become the standard in scaffolding systems worldwide.

Allround scaffolding uses a simple, unique and bolt-free connection technology. Sliding the wedge head over the rosette and inserting the wedge into the opening immediately secures the component. There is still sufficient play to secure the other end of the ledger.

The unique combination of positive and non-positive connections in rapid bolt-free system technology with AutoLock function permits connections that are automatically right-angled, obtuse-angled and acute-angled as required, with built-in safety at the same time. Layher Allround Scaffolding has become a synonym in the marketplace for modular scaffolding.

Quality from Layher means state-of-the-art production processes, carefully selected materials, smart automation and a highly qualified workforce. Our products comply with the very latest security standards and possess DIN/ISO Certification, German TÜV approval, and many other German and international quality labels.

As work scaffolding and safety scaffolding at the façade, as birdcage, trestle and suspended scaffolding, or as a rolling tower – it is the right scaffolding at all times and for every job and requirement. Even for very difficult ground plans and anchoring conditions, for very irregular structures, and for jobs with increased safety requirements.

More speed, more safety, more proximity, more simplicity and more future: values with which we strengthen our customers’ competitiveness in the long term. With our innovative systems and solutions, we’re working all the time on making scaffolding construction even simpler, even more economical and, above all, even safer.

Tower Scaffolding Using Allround Scaffolding for Bridge Repair and Maintenance
With its unbeatable adaptability, Allround Scaffolding is the perfect choice for very irregular structures. Particularly in the case of projections, recesses, and niches, the advantages of Allround Scaffolding come to the fore. All work can be performed very efficiently using Allround Scaffolding. As a work and protection scaffolding for bricklayers, concrete workers, carpenters, plumbers, roofers, plasterers and painters, Allround Scaffolding caters to many different requirements all at once.

The Lahn Valley Bridge near Limburg, Germany, required rebuilding to cope with increasing traffic volumes – for economic reasons using the cantilever method. When the temporary concrete piers stabilising the superstructure are no longer needed, once the bridge is complete, they are demolished from the top downwards. Allround Scaffolding is used to do so. The 50 m high work scaffolding can, using the bolt-free wedge-head connection method, not only be rapidly assembled and then dismantled as the demolition work progresses, but also adapted to any geometry and site requirement thanks to differing standard lengths and matching expansion parts.

Platform stairway tower is used to reach (man and materials) upto 50 mtr height safely. Further, a distinction is made between independent access structures that are anchored to the building and access structures that are integrated into the scaffolding. Both unidirectional and alternating stairway arrangements are possible. With the platform stairway, it is simple to construct a 4-standard stairway tower, either integrated into the scaffolding or as a free-standing access structure anchored on the building. Both parallel and opposite stairways are possible here. There is no hindrance to work on scaffolding with this version. Allround Scaffolding from Layher is made up of more than just standards and

Ledgers: complete system technology with additional parts and accessories to suit the Construction site provides for safety and assembly benefits at all sites.

System brackets are available for quickly widening scaffolding bays and for converting projecting building parts and eaves.

During construction of the bridge over the Aftetal valley, part of the local bypass for the Kneipp spa resort Max Bögl, as the construction company responsible, had to build temporary stair towers for each of the six bridge piers as a “second escape route” – section by section to keep pace with building progress. The stair towers, of up to 66 metres in height, were put up with a clearance of up to about five metres, and anchored only underneath the climbing formwork so that the latter would not be affected. This meant that particular attention had to be paid to safe transmission of the horizontal loads. The solution to that was the Allround modular stair tower. The latter can be not only preassembled section by section on the ground and then quickly put up by crane to keep pace with progress, but also flexibly adjusted to suit site requirements, thanks to its combinability with the Allround System. Since the formwork cycles in this project did not always match in height the connection points of the site stair tower modules, an All round Scaffolding bay was simply constructed on the outside to transmit the horizontal loads into the stair tower. The Layher easy-access comfort stair ensures sure footing during ascents and descents –even when carrying work materials.

Widening of scaffolding can be easily performed by fitting Brackets in the rosette on the standard. On top of structure Console Bracket used to widen the working area with safety.

All working platform are steel, hot-dip galvanized perforated, non-slip working surface perforated sheet with anti akid and locked with ledger for safety. Load Bearing capacity of working platform 2.5 KN/m2.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Higher fitting performance and higher and more shipping space due to special high-tensile steel and constructive improvement, reducing weight of components and raising load-bearing capacity.
  • No time-consuming fitting of spigots and double storage, due to a single standard with integrated spigot for supported and suspended scaffolding.
  • The integrated scaffolding system for easy and complicated applications is fully combinable with all former generations. Maximum investment protection due to long durability, purchase availability for decades and continuous enhancements.
  • Improved working safety and time saving on assembly thanks to the AutoLock function.

Authored by
Mithilesh Kumar,,Director,Layher Scaffolding Systems Pvt Ltd

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