R S Raghavan, Managing Director, Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd. In an interview with B2B Purchase.

Proman’s products and technologies to be showcased at Excon 

The PROMAN Group will showcase its whole array of crushing and screening equipment, including fine screening and sand cleaning solutions. Aside from that, we will demonstrate our skills in bulk material handling equipment and projects, industrial mineral communication experience, and dry mix mortar plant capabilities.

Please share what makes your products the most preferred in the crushing and screening business. 

PROMAN is a leading group of professionals with an extensive expertise in crushing and screening, material handling, sand and mortar plants, metal and non-metal recycling, and metal and non-metal recycling. The USP of PROMAN is that it provides the most efficient crushing and screening solutions at the lowest cost per tonne of operation. Our equipment is part of the total solution we provide to our customers in order to help them become more lucrative.

Tell us about the most recent technologies and solutions you’ve implemented. How is your organisation responding to the changing client requirements? 

Crushing Stations that are Modular because of the characteristics of our crushers and the design of our system, we were able to reduce the number of stages of crushing required to reach the desired mix and quality. Our collaborators cutting-edge technology allows us to keep our clients in step with the rest of the globe in terms of efficiency.

Looking at the push toward infrastructural development, what are your plans to encash these opportunities? 

Proman has been doing substantial work in upgrading a lot of existing crushing plants, which get the opportunity to cater to the demand of the infrastructure projects in their vicinity. Aside from that, we’re working on new green-field plants for which we’re providing complete turnkey solutions. We make sure that those clients who already have machines have a whole solution provider, and we aim to add value to provide them a greater degree of profitability. Our additional value is always in the form of crushers that can be retrofitted into existing operations. 

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