Hella Infratech a leading provider of innovative drone mapping and survey solutions, showcased its cutting-edge technology at the recent International Mining, Equipment and Minerals Exhibition held in Kolkata. The event was endorsed by Ministry of Coal, Ministry of Steel and Coal India Limited, and organised by MGMI in collaboration with TAFCON, it attracted the presence of industry experts, stakeholders, and enthusiasts. This gathering served as a significant platform for Hella Infratech to highlight the revolutionary impact of drone technology within the mining ecosystem.

The exhibition served as an invaluable opportunity for Hella Infratech to engage with a diverse audience, including mining professionals, government officials, and technology enthusiasts. Visitors expressed a keen interest in the application of drone technology for mining surveys, recognising its potential to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety in the industry.

HELLA’s booth at the exhibition illustrated how these technologies can be seamlessly integrated into the mining workflow. The company’s representatives were on hand to discuss the specific benefits of their services and address queries from the attendees.

According to Ankush Sengupta, Director at Hella Infratech Pvt Ltd, “Our participation in the International Mining Exhibition organised at Kolkata was a strategic move to connect with industry stakeholders and gain firsthand insights into their evolving needs. The positive response from visitors reaffirms the growing interest in drone technology within the mining sector. Engaging in direct conversations with mining professionals at the exhibition allowed us to better understand the unique challenges they face. This invaluable feedback will enable us to tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of the mining industry, ensuring that our solutions align seamlessly with their operations. “

Ankush added, ” We believe that our solutions have the potential to revolutionise the way mining surveys are conducted. This, in turn will, foster sustainable practices, reduce environmental impacts, and bolster the nation’s overall economic growth. The use of drones in mining aligns with our commitment to technological innovation that not only benefits individual companies but also contributes to the broader advancement of the nation’s industrial landscape.”

The Mining Exhibition in Kolkata served as a significant platform for Hella Infratech to strengthen its position as a leader in the drone mapping and survey industry. The company remains committed to driving innovation and contributing to the advancement of mining practices through the integration of state-of-the-art drone technology.

Hella Infratech has emerged as a prominent and well- established brand in the field of aerial surveying and mapping, extending its expertise to encompass data processing and GIS mapping. Leveraging cutting-edge drone technology, Hella Infratech delivers efficient, accurate, and cost-effective solutions across diverse industries such as Infrastructure, Mining, Construction, Agriculture, and environmental monitoring. With a focus on precision and innovation, Hella Infratech has earned a reputation for providing comprehensive services that cater to the specific needs of each sector.

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