OLI Vibrators India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OLI SpA, Italy. As a global group, OLI holds the coveted position as a world leader in vibration and vibration technology, says Sundaram S. Iyer, Managing Director, OLI Vibrators India Pvt. Ltd.

Can you brief us on the demand for vibrators for concrete consolidation?
India’s construction industry has expanded significantly in the last 4–5 years. The government of India’s spending on infrastructure development is on the rise across all infra-sectors, viz., waterways, roads, railways, energy etc. These sectors have emerged as true agents of change.

India’s vital commercial and industrial sectors are driving the demand for infra-development. This also pushes the market for high-frequency internal (Poker needle vibrators) and external concrete vibrators.

As per market research, infrastructure is critical in converting low and middle-income countries into emerging or developing nations.

What are the advantages of using vibrators and vibrator needles to consolidate concrete casts?
The freshly mixed concrete does not compact on its own because the poor fluidity cannot overcome internal friction. Only vibration can overcome such forces.

Among the various advantages of using internal and external vibrators to consolidate concrete casts, the following are considered to be the major ones:
• Surfacing of the air trapped in the concrete.
• Displacement of aggregates, aligning them to one another, with consequent reduction of cavities, conferring their high density and perfect homogeneity. Adhesion/Bonding of the concrete to the bars of the reinforcement armies or any internal structural inserts, as well as to the basic anchorages.
• There are no cracks in the concrete near the reinforcement armature bars.
• Complete Filling of the Formwork
• Increase in the life cycle of the concrete
• High aesthetic outcome.

Which technologies are you incorporating into your products to improve efficiency and precision?
Oli has a strong focus on the capabilities needed to succeed in the new market dynamic, which helps to evolve, meet the challenges and demands constantly and advance the technologies to align with the fast-changing industry trends.

OLI is always on the quest to explore new ground and long-lasting solutions by understanding and serving customer needs.

OLI has done more than a decade’s worth of research and evolved a framework for quality on two strong practices, viz., best practices and robust QAP procedures. Oli’s Quality policy ensures that all products pass through stringent quality and test procedures, ensuring no compromise on quality and the usage of high-quality raw materials such as high-quality cable glands, IP66 enclosures, Class-F insulation materials, logarithmic profile bearings and other inputs for the durability and longevity of our products at all times.

With our state-of-the-art vibration technology, innovative programmes, and continuous research and development in the vibration industry, have placed OLI as the WORLD LEADER in vibration technology.

How does Class F insulation aid in product reliability?
When the current flows on the vibrators, it causes heat to be generated. This heat eventually transfers to the other parts of the motor, causing them to degrade over time. One of the elements affected by heat is the insulation system that protects the motor windings. To address the insulation’s potential failure due to heat, the NEMA MG-1 standard establishes four classes, A, B, F, and H, which define the insulation system’s ability to endure a specified temperature while providing or specifying the operating life.

Class-F insulation helps.
• To overcome the operating temperature.

• To avoid the breakdown of the motor.
• To protect the windings.
• Perfect insulation provides higher safety for the products. As far as OLI is concerned, we would like to state that all our windings are impregnated under vacuum using a VPI system to get perfect insulation of motor.

What services do you provide to the industrial market? What are the primary demand factors?
OLI Vibrators has a proven reputation for delivering cost-effective and innovative vibratory solutions to meet plethora of customer requirements.

We meet customers to understand their requirements and offer solutions, creating a win-win situation.

Each member of our management team has over two decades of experience in leading infrastructure, building and construction equipment, and the vibratory industry. It brings to the table a unique blend of skills that will help OLI achieve its goal of being a significant force in the vibratory industry.

Primary demand drivers:
Builders and infra developers are moving from the conventional system to vibration technology for faster, quicker, and more reliable and high-aesthetic results.

The government’s (State/Central/Quasi-government) spending on infrastructure development is rising.

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