Sushil K Vasishat, Director, Ajashy Engineering Sales Pvt Ltd says the construction equipment sector in India is quite advanced and they have successfully adopted global practices to ensure that their products find international acceptance.

What is your take on the construction equipment in India since you are also an allied industry?
As far as Indian construction equipment industry is concerned there are different kinds of players. With the exception of a few bad apples, I would like to believe, the construction equipment scenario in India is actually quite advanced. They do match up to the prevailing international standards. The end user, I would like to add should remain aware, about the quality of the purchase in question and reputation of the brand too.

So, the industry is at par with global standards, right?
Yes, with increasing globalization the entire world has become a market, so it pays to be in the big boy’s league, wherein your products find acceptance across different geographies. Not all are up for the challenge but this phenomenon is only slated to increase. Many manufacturers are manufacturing in India with an eye on the global market. And they are delivering in terms of both cost as well as value.

What are the focus areas of your company?
Our focus area is construction and mining, we also have dedicated interest in offshore and pipeline equipment. But in Excon, we exhibit the prowess our solutions can provide in the infrastructure sector. We are also trying to expand in international market, but presently our focus remains on the Indian market.

Which countries in international market are you planning to target?
We will be targeting African countries soon because there is a lot of demand for the Indian construction equipments there. As much as we would like to cater to the European markets, we know, now is not the time to do it. The competition out there is very stiff, so we will wait and watch.

Which product of your company has elicited a good response so far at the exhibition?
The mobile service van has got a very good response. The diesel volume has also generated steady enquiries. The footfall in this edition of Excon too has been better compared to the 2017 edition.

With India being a price sensitive market, how are you balancing the quality vs cost equation?
We consistently look out for new suppliers who can give us a quality product at a better price. Besides in order ensure we have the enough stocks ready, we make bulk purchases which help us in controlling the cost. This also helps in controlling the logistics and delivery cost. More so, because we are getting huge units of the desired products delivered in one go. Our in house team ensures that quality of both incoming and outgoing material is not compromised.

What is your expectation from the industry in the coming year and what targets have you set for yourself?
As a solutions provider, I expect the government adds impetus to the infrastructure segment. The government has communicated its eagerness to ensure a turnaround in construction and infrastructure and arrest the slowdown. A plethora of projects have been announced to showcase the intent. I hope this plan succeeds and it’s a win-win for all of us.

Sushil K Vasishat, Director, Ajashy Engineering Sales Pvt Ltd

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