Manish Khandelwal, Commercial Director, Wavin India in an interview with B2B Purchase.

Wavin’s offerings for industrial and commercial pipes 

As a solution-driven brand, we offer a wide range of solutions to cater to every possible infrastructural need in India, ranging from supplying drinking water, rainwater and stormwater, heating and cooling, sewerage and wastewater systems to gas distribution systems. In our drinking water solutions range, we have the Tigris K5 and Tigris M5, the world’s first fittings with an Acoustic Leak Alert. The Push Fit Hep2O is compatible with both copper and plastic plumbing systems, giving maximum flexibility. Our recently announced Super-Temp CPVC fittings are one of the two “Made in India” plumbing solutions. Under our sewage treatment category, we have a wide range of future-proof fittings that are designed to last while also being cost-effective. We recently launched the advanced low-noise drainage solution product AS+, which reduces the sound generated through drains to less than 10dB. Our locally produced PVC+ drainage solutions with global technology and expertise are another excellent example of our range of products.

Selection criteria and certifications available for safety and durability of pipes 

We are committed to providing long-lasting, cost-effective, sustainable plumbing and drainage solutions to our customers. We, at Wavin, adhere to the most stringent global standards, and all Wavin products are IS certified. Additionally, Wavin complies with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorisation of Chemicals). The standard requires that chemicals, on their own, in a mixture or solution, or in an article manufactured, imported, and placed on the market, must be registered through the ECHA. Also, our plumbing systems like CPVC, uPVC, etc. are RoHS compliant, which ensures that these pipes are free from any heavy metals like Mercury, Lead, etc., which are harmful to health. Additionally, our products go through a series of tests to ensure their longevity and safety.

Ensuring contamination-free water distribution through pipes

Delivering clean water efficiently and safely has become a worldwide problem. Usually, water is lost due to leakages and ageing networks. Additionally, there is a risk of foreign contaminants and microbes, which can be treated chemically, or by developing and implementing a leak-proof network to handle high-pressure water flow. If the pipes and fittings aren’t treated properly, there is also a risk of chemical contamination from the pipes themselves. The need of the hour is to raise the quality and performance of high-pressure water distribution networks, improve the safety levels of indoor drinking water supplies, and build towards a new (smarter) way of managing drinking water.

Market projections for uPVC pipes, tubes, and allied industries for 2022 

There has been a growing demand for sustainable materials for long-lasting and future-ready cities. With the growing real estate sector and affordable housing societies in India, we are likely to notice a similar impact on the plastic pipe industry markets as well. The real estate market is expected to continue to move in a fast direction thanks to the pent-up demand. We are further looking at expanding our overall presence in tier 2 and tier 3 in the coming years. 

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