Klenztone – Super bond and clean is a proven concrete degreaser and cleaner used by almost all major PU and epoxy flooring manufacturers in the country since a decade. The solution has been successfully used to clean and degrease more than 6 million square feet of concrete floors till date in India, the company claims.

Klenztone – SBC concrete degreaser developed with technical assistance from K&E Chemical, USA is a very special cleaning product and an oil decontamination liquid with depth effect. Further, it penetrates into the contaminated floor and brings the deeply penetrated hydrocarbons back to the surface. Nothing cleans greasy, oily concrete floors better than Klenztone – SBC concrete degreaser. No matter how filthy and grimy, Klenztone – SBC makes floor areas in machine shops, factories, garage floors, industrial floors and warehouses look brand new, removing years of build-up and oil.

Easy to use

Despite, its outstanding cleaning ability, Klenztone – SBC is not difficult to use and no special equipment is required. In fact, all you do is apply it, give it time to work and rinse with water. It penetrates deep into the capillaries of the floor, the long hydrocarbon chains are converted in small micro oil particles, the encapsulated oil particles are transported to the surface which is ready for rinsing.

One-step product

In addition, company informs that Klenztone – SBC is a one-step product. It does everything necessary to clean and prepare concrete for sealing or covering with a seamless flooring material. Its fluoride salt formula penetrates deep into the pores of concrete, breaking down grease as well as oil and releasing it, so it can be rinsed away with water. Klenztone – SBC also neutralises all alkalis present, which attack coatings and cause pop up, and finally, because Klenztone – SBC does not erode masonry surfaces like acids and blasting methods, it leaves a superior base for bonding. Hence, Klenztone – SBC specifically developed for Indian conditions is an ideal formulation highly recommendable to be used for cleaning and degreasing the concrete floor before applying any Urethane or epoxy coating.

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