Our approach begins with a comprehensive assessment of the client’s operational needs, fluid characteristics, and environmental conditions.

In this interview with Vinay Dhar – Vice President of Marketing – Roto Pumps Ltd, discover how Roto Pumps is shaping a greener, more efficient, and customised future for industries worldwide.

How are you advancing energy-efficient pumps for industrial sustainability?

At Roto Pumps, we are deeply invested in pursuing industrial sustainability by enhancing energy efficiency throughout our factory operations and product portfolio. Zero Liquid Discharge manufacturing facility is equipped with Solar Panels and Rain Water Harvesting. Also, all our waste goes to recycling purposes. We have specially developed pumps for the Biogas and wastewater industries to help these industries in our global pursuit for a greener world. We have incorporated another unit, Roto Energy Systems Ltd., to manufacture Solar Submersible Pumps.

Our dedicated R&D team constantly refines pump designs to optimise hydraulic performance and curtail energy loss. We ensure to provide pumps with the right interference between the rotor & stator along with suitable material of construction mitigating wear & tear and select the motor as per application requirement. On most occasions, these pumps work on selected flow and pressure, which provides higher efficiencies.

Beyond the product, we believe in empowering our clients through comprehensive training sessions, enabling them to make the most of our pumps. The result is a harmonious blend of design, user knowledge, and tech innovation aimed at a more energy-efficient future.

How does digitalisation aid in predictive maintenance for your pumps?

We currently do not have digitalisation integrated into our pumps; we recognise its immense potential in predictive maintenance. We’re in the early stages of conceptualising and strategising the incorporation of sensors and IoT capabilities into our pump systems. The vision is to utilise real-time data to anticipate wear patterns and potential issues, moving from reactive to proactive maintenance. The eventual goal is to ensure efficient and prolonged pump operations and deliver enhanced value and operational cost savings to our customers. The future at Roto Pumps is exciting as we take these strides towards harnessing the power of digital transformation.

How do you customise pumps for diverse industrial sectors?

Customisation is at the heart of our operations. We deeply understand that each industry has unique challenges and fluid handling requirements. Our approach begins with a comprehensive assessment of the client’s operational needs, fluid characteristics, and environmental conditions. Our dedicated team of engineers and experts then collaborates closely with the client, leveraging our deep domain knowledge and vast experience of 55+ years spanning more than 50 industries. We might modify pump components, materials, or operational specifications to ensure optimal performance. The outcome is a pump solution tailored not just for an industry but often for a specific application within that industry. This meticulous approach has enabled us to design pumps for over 50 industries, handling over 5000 fluids.

What ensures the reliability of your pumps in demanding environments?

Reliability in our pumps is built on a foundation of quality, precision, and innovation. We use top-tier materials for resilience against extreme conditions and implement thorough, rigorous testing to ensure reliability, performance, and robustness. With over 55 years in the industry, our designs are enriched by vast experience and client feedback. Additionally, our R&D team constantly seeks technological enhancements to elevate pump durability and efficiency further.

How is your supply chain adapting to ensure consistent pump component availability?

We prioritise stockpiling spares for our highest-selling pumps, ensuring uninterrupted availability. Our close collaboration with vendors and a deep understanding of our customers’ unique requirements empower us to consistently provide customised pump spares without delay.

Spokesperson – Vinay Dhar – Vice President Marketing – Roto Pumps Ltd

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