How your range of concrete equipment unique in comparison with other players in the industry?
Being the legendary market leader in concreting equipment’s, AJAX’s prime focus is onto the cutting-edge features providing product accuracy & reliability in terms of technological advancement in our concreting machines to remain competitive enough by continuing to be a market leader by always a competitive advantage with product differentiation in the business thereby side-lining the substitute products. The credit goes to AJAX engineering research team who always looks at the buying behavior and understands the pain points of the customers in hard-core research input in developing prototypes and coming up with new product solutions built-in for addressing the functioning constraints along with the practicability needs & operability requirements of the customers at real-time operational site conditions.

What strategies are enabling you to maintain cost competitiveness as cutting edge in present scenario?
AJAX strongly believes that low-cost operations builds powerful businesses. Doing more with less resources would substantially result in very good savings in terms of Return on Investment (RoI) thereby remaining cost competitive. Name it any of AJAX’s products batching plant, SLCM, the unrivalled versatility and efficiency of the concreting equipment’s would greatly deliver a reliable mix producing optimal concrete batches resulting in greater productivity with minimal skill or effort involved that can be operated at ease by an operator.

The ultimate resultant of this competitive strategy would be in delivering impact and creating value for customers that includes Best-in-class customer experience, Best-in-class ROI – value for money in terms of hassle-free operations & less maintenance.

How do you ensure timely product availability and provision of proper support for your customers?
In domestic market, AJAX has a wide geographical spread with 30+ Dealers in India along with 100+ touch points catering to the sales & after-sales support to its customers. In a bid to explore the international market potential with our technologically advanced concreting products, AJAX is on a geographical expansion spree and had already impregnated its global foot print thereby penetrating the international market viz., Asia-pacific, Middle-East and North Africa (MENA) regions. Our products are faring well & widely had been widely accepted as a trust-worthy brand in providing the top-notch product features & best-in-class customer support.

What is your expectation from the upcoming edition of Excon? What products will be on display, will you be exhibiting any new products too?
Strengthening up its foot hold in the concreting market, AJAX will unveil new products during EXCON Dec 2019 to help concrete equipment buyers navigate the unprecedented growth landscape of construction business with increased speed, greater flexibility and enhanced quality through the Marvels of Next-Gen technologies.AJAX’s recent products are incorporated with technologically-advanced innovative solutions that encompasses the cutting-edge features providing product accuracy & reliability.To mention but a few,

Self-Propelled Boom Pump (SPBP):
AJAX being the Pioneer in Self Loading Concrete Mixer, having 17000+ machines working in various application sectors such as Irrigation, Roads & Bridges, Metro Projects, Industrial Foundation, Urban Infrastructure, Railways to name a few, understands the pain points of its customer when it comes to placing of concrete.
Moreover, the Boom Pumps available in the market can perform the task of placing the concrete but it comes with a limitation of not able to maneuver in tough terrains and also in Semi Urban cities where space is a constraint.
AJAX always believes in Innovation & Technology which keeps us ahead of others in the Industry. Our R&D team has worked out a suitable solution to tackle this complex situation based on the stated and unstated needs of its customer.

AJAX SPBP 25X is the first of its kind product in the world with patented technology (patent pending) which is designed to handle tough terrain and maneuver with ease and also to utilize its full Boom length to deliver concrete as per site requirement.

Slip Form Pavers:
AJAX has been in concreting equipment business for the last three decades delivering high quality products for concrete production, transportation & placement. AJAX always keep CUSTOMER FIRST in mind and bring products to its stable which will be a game changer in the Industry.

AJAX Next-Gen Slip Form Paver SPX 1204 is a fully indigenous product with Innovative Design Thinking. Our R&D team has worked diligently in bringing this product to the nation.

The tested and proven capability of the ARGO Self Loading Concrete Mixer (SLCM), in different domains and applications, for over 3 decades, has made Ajax, the largest manufacturer of SLCM in the world, today in terms of customer base.

With a synthesis of Technology and Scale to concreting solutions, Ajax is now launching the Next Generation ARGO namely ACURA Series, the ARGO 2500 &ARGO 4500 with in-built Load Cell Weighing System. The Acura with Load Cell Weighing System defines a paradigm shift in concreting, resulting in higher operational control over costs, which are defined by multiple factors.

The Load Cell Weighing System in AJAX ARGO ACURA Series is Patented (Patent Pending) in India and the patent is granted in Italy.

AJAX will unveil new products during EXCON Dec 2019 to help concrete equipment buyers navigate the unprecedented growth landscape of construction business with increased speed, greater flexibility and enhanced quality
Debasis Bhattacharya,,Head – Marketing,
Sales & Product Support,Ajax Engineering Pvt Ltd

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