Using the new Call and Resolve service, MB Crusher makes available to construction companies all of its invaluable know-how and experience in the field, providing solutions for your next projects, be they complex, temporary, unusual or exceptional, so that you can make use of the proper machinery.

MB Crusher’s Production Manager Diego Azzolin, who together with his brothers represents the company’s entrepreneurial and revolutionary spirit, provides an explanation, “The service is geared to all sectors, from construction to demolition work, road excavation, earth moving, remediation jobs, trenching, quarries and environmental clean-ups.” How does it work? “People who need support call us and we make available our long-standing experience, along with the expertise of our technicians. We already had an established consulting department dedicated to professionals, helping them choose the right machinery for their specific worksites, and ensuring cost savings. We’ve now broadened this department, allowing us to provide just-in-time responses, even for the industry’s most bizarre requests”.

Precisely, because of the many issues it has resolved over the years, MB Crusher understood that its equipment can offer effective solutions even in areas that are seemingly uncommon, whether specific jobsites or applications that can be defined as “unusual”.
One such case regards the German company Kübler, specialising in the agricultural and metallurgical sectors. Their construction site had a large quantity of waste material from a prior demolition job, along with the remains of granite blocks used for the construction of gravestone. Material that wasn’t being used. They opted to make use of an MB-L160 crusher bucket, smashing the material right there on the spot to obtain a dual benefit: earnings from the resale of the material and a diversified business application.

A company in the United States, on the other hand, was looking to dismantle and dispose of radioactive concrete pillars. They used two BF90.3 crusher buckets mounted onto Caterpillar excavators, safely and quietly crushing the material directly on site. The goal was to limit dust emission: they succeeded by installing an MB dust suppression kit onto the crusher buckets.

There are many more stories from customers who resolved unusual jobs thanks to MB’s products.

With “Call & Resolve”, MB Crusher thus takes an important step in reaching out to operators in all sectors, offering its know-how to those who want to turn difficult situations into business opportunities. It’s no wonder then that a pillar of MB Crusher’s business is to boost work on any job site, making it independent and successful.

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