The EARTHCON June 2019, Ahmedabad, a three-day trade show between 14th-16th of June 2019 was hosted by Aries Events. This beckoned to be Western India’s biggest infrastructure and construction exhibition that reinforces Government of India’s embarking strategy on a large initiative to accelerate infrastructure growth in the country encompassing roadways to airways, ports to airports, irrigation, dams, railways, power production capacity and smart cities, which are the thrust areas for investments. At the exhibition, AJAX advertised to their defined CE target market and created brand awareness which happens to be an important promotional tool for the showcase of their newly developed products, as well as face-lifted products.

ASP 3009, the productivity work-horse for optimal manoeuvrability
AJAX developed ASP 3009, a smaller capacity concrete pump, to suit projects that involve lesser volume of concrete and pumping height. The ASP 3009 Stationary Concrete Pump, with a pumping capacity of 30 cubic m per hr, is the best suited pump for bridges, small or medium residential and commercial buildings, villas and row houses, to name a few. The key features are Proven ‘S’ valve technology, suitable for small/medium-rise pumping, less wear and tear high pressure for better performance, and low maintenance cost. The output and size of the pump is designed such that it can be optimised with AJAX Argo Self Loading Concrete Mixer for placing concrete at the site.

ARGO 2500 Self-Loading Concrete Mixer (SLCM), the specialist driven by the technology and the values, beliefs and hopes of millions of concreting workers’ households
self-loading concrete mixer (SLCM – AJAX ARGO model) can be a panacea in the concrete life to many odd jobs of varied concreting applications where the challenge would be to strike a balance between preparing optimal concrete batch quantity, also maintaining homogeneity, as well as transporting/driving directly to remote locations or inaccessible areas of a task site ultimately providing high degree of quality and efficiency.

ARGO 2500, an integrated Business Machine (iBM) is truly a concreting specialist driven by technology as well as a multi-faceted concreting legend that encompasses the operations of a wheel-loader, a mobile batching plant and a transit mixer equipping an ‘all-in-one’ integrated operating system (iOS) that self-loads aggregates, weighs batches, mixes, transports and places concrete within the site as per the mix design of concrete requirement for small to medium volume concrete requirements. These machines are equipped with a concrete batch controller (CBC) to obtain the required quality of concrete by allowing the operator to calibrate the quantity of aggregates into the mixer as per mix design.

The prime focus of AJAX ARGO 2500 Model is to nurture and care with a greater focus on delivering impact and creating value for customers. Key deliverables to customers would include best-in-class technology, customer experience, ROI (value for money in terms of hassle-free operations and less maintenance), product support (pre-sales & after-sales service), customer value proposition, customer support network, and complete business solutions.

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