Mixture of strength, ductility and corrosion-resistant finished qualities aid optimum performance.

The pumps and valves industry has been witnessing positive changes overthe last couple of years as the demands from ever growing construction segment is soaring high due to the rise in constructions of skyscrapers and infrastructures where pumps and valves find immense applications.

Newer technologies and shortage of construction lands in the metro cities have seen the widespread proliferation of high-rise buildings in all the metro cities has put enormous pressure on the utility services that are provided in these structures.

“One of the major issue faced is the generation of excessive water pressure the piping systems there by demanding very high quality PRV’s (Pressure Reducing Valves) and ball valves for efficient operations and water saving, says Rakesh Kumar, Vice President (Business Development), Zoloto Industries.

Challenging aspects
Water management is one of the most challenging aspects in current scenario. Globally, people are concerned about water stress, water scarcity which led to a primary focus on efficient water distribution, waste water treatment and its reuse. “Pumps play a major role in optimised water distribution, waste water transfer, treatment and reuse, the industry is working to develop highly efficient pumps which consume less energy, maintenance free and intelligent products which are easy to operate and reduce manual intervention, says Krishna Kumar, Assistant Manager of Tech support, Grundfos India.

Intelligent connectivity
Grundfos solutions are not only easy to maintain but also have an ease of handling for smooth operations. Intelligent connectivity has brought in a new era of technological innovation set to transform applications with a focus on providing optimum performance.

Right knowledge must!
Major concern is the knowledge about the valves both the seller (Traders) and the purchaser have no proper knowledge to recommend and use correct valve for the right application, according to Sanjeev Sareen, Director, Uninam Industrial Marketing.

Price over quality
Purchaser job is to negotiate and buy cheapest valve has no concern about the down time cost and production lost.

Latest applications
Zoloto was one of the first companies in India to produce Forged Brass Ball Valve about two decades ago and the overwhelming response from the market and fraternity inspired to be the first ones again to develop Forged Brass Pressure Reducing valve (Compact Design), as well. These product are serving the nation in terms of plumbing needs of millions of condominiums in the Indian subcontinent, the company feels elated by adding extra mileage to country’s fast developing real estate sector.

Forged Brass Ball Valves nothing generally goes wrong with the body but what does go wrong is with the lever which is conventionally made of Carbon Steel which is prone to rusting. The lever is fixed to the valve on stem with the nut which tightens and keeps in place. This set up forms a crevice and rusting is accelerated in these areas. This makes the assembly weak. It is due to this we see that in coastal region Valves gets rusted in couple of weeks and handle breaks with in a small span.
Zoloto’s Forged Brass Ball Valve with Aluminium handle. The salient feature of this pressure die casted aluminium alloy (ADC-6) provides the best combination of strength, ductility and corrosion resistant finished qualities.

Ensure longer life
Zoloto Wafer type butterfly Valves come in compact light weight designs and with low operation torques to ensure longer life, its self-cleaning and non-jamming seat design features to result into less wear and tear etc. Zoloto has an exhaustive range of Ductile Iron Butterfly Valves both manual and gear operated and with Electric or Pneumatic Actuators. Our contribution to the plumbing industry in the form of being proactive and being pro-innovative bears the stamp of unmatched quality.

Grundfos has the state-of-the-art technology developed to ensure minimum utilisation of energy and water, while delivering optimal results.

Deliver the right amount of pressure
Demand Driven Distribution (DDD), reduce surplus water pressure in pipes and lowers the risk of water hammer, which is a primary cause of new holes. This multi-pump solution operates at proportional pressure and this ensures flow is supplied precisely as needed and at the pressure required. This intelligent solution uses pressure sensors at critical point to detect the actual pressure in the network. This data is analysed automatically by the pumping station, which then optimises the control curve to deliver the right amount of pressure to the customers when they need it-no-matter where they are in the network.

Pumps and solutions in waste water
Grundfos offers a complete range of wastewater pumps, designed to handle wastewater, process water, and unscreened raw sewage in heavy-duty municipal, utility, and industrial applications. The SE/SL pumps arebuilt for years of trouble-free operation in the most demanding applications, can be installed submerged or dry, horizontal or vertical, and will in either case be extremely reliable and very easy to service.

Grundfos intelligent solutions “iSOLUTIONS” is the approach to adapting intelligent technology with precision to deliver optimal performance, total energy efficiency, and ultimate reliability in the system. With dedicated communication modules and controls, onegets trouble-free operation with application-specific features, energy optimisation and a wide selection of communication protocols. The dedicated functionality and start-up wizards make commissioning easy, ensuring to experience the full benefit of Grundfos “iSOLUTIONS” with fingertip control of the system on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Pressure rating has geared up!
The pressure rating in construction industry is increasing every month from pn 10 to pn 16.Few years agowe used to get an absolute rating and now the requirement has changed timely from pn 25, pn 40 etc.So, the valves industries have to gear up for these changing demands frequently, says Sareen.

Zoloto Wafer type butterfly Valves come in compact light weight designs and with low operation torques to ensure longer life.
Rakesh Kumar, Vice President (Business Development), Zoloto Industries

Intelligent connectivity has brought in a new era of technological innovation set to transform applications.
Krishna Kumar, Assistant Manager of Tech support, Grundfos India

Major concern is knowledge about valves for both the seller and purchaser as using correct valve for the right application is key.
Sanjeev Sareen, Director, Uninam Industrial Marketing

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