Sundaram S Iyer, Managing Director at Oli Vibrators, Wolong electric & Wamgroup, talks about his product launches at Excon 2019 and his company’s expansion plans in India.

What kind of products did you display at Excon and how was your experience?

With the construction equipment market gearing up, we are pretty excited to be present at Excon. We were also present at Bauma, but the response at Excon has been much more vivid. The entire duration of the expo has been a success and we also had good number of visitors at our stall.

We have launched our new products such as Pneumatic needle vibrators, Electronic convertors, and other industrial vibrators for construction; concreting and precasting industries and most of our OEM/end users and channel partners have appreciated our new product portfolio.

In this calendar year, what are your key concerns and expectations?
Presently, there exists a fund liquidity crisis besides economy being in down turn. The financers are a bit skeptical about providing a major funding for the clients. As per the reports hopefully, in a short time these issues will be solved.

In 2019, we have had a reasonable growth despite economy slowdown in the industrial sectors such as the construction, infrastructure and mining sectors. Hopefully if the investments are made by the government in this segment, then there is a strong possibility that the double digit growth will continue.

Given the different sectors and verticals Oli provides services to; which ones looks lucrative, promising and why?
Oli India serves to all industrial sectors and verticals on pan India basis. I personally feel that construction / mining/ concreting and precasting segments will be more lucrative and promising and the main reasons are …In India, the use of Vibrators is still at a relatively nascent stage as compared to that of many developed countries. Therefore we can see a steady increase in use of vibrators in Indian industries.

Secondly, India’s infrastructure is going up as per 2019 union budget and subsequent announcements. According to these announcements which can be considered as clear indicators that, the government plans to restructure the National Highways; Airports; Metro Rail projects ; Bridges etc., This bores a development path for the Vibration Industry as vibrators are used on a large scale in these segments.

Considering India is a manufacturing hub, are you open to the idea of setting up a manufacturing facility in India?
We are quite positive in terms of the industrial growth in India. We are working sincerely and seriously in reaching out to all customers in all industrial segments and educating them on the use and applications of vibrators. We are open to the idea of setting up a manufacturing hub in India in the long run with the European technical know-how to meet the growing demands from the Indian customers. We are ready to take on challenges.

Oli has a global presence, in comparison, how does the domestic Indian market fare, especially in the current economic scenario?
Keeping an eye on the current economic scenario, we are working on designing the products that are suitable for Indian market. The first job is to have a product that complies with the norms and making it user friendly besides keeping the utmost competitive price and quick delivery andservice.

What makes OLI India stand out from its competitors?
When we started the business, we had faced a lot of challenges and it took almost a few years to win the complete confidence of the Indian customers. Now we have been regarded as the trend setter and leader in the Vibrators market in India.Our customer base has been widened to cater to all sectors / regions and in the niche markets.

Our Products carry supreme quality, high performance, availability and quick delivery, longevity, competitive pricing and good after sales service which makesus unique in relation to our competitors. We are getting repeat orders from the big account OEMsand end-users in India which itself a testimony to our product quality and service.

Sundaram S Iyer, Managing Director at Oli Vibrators, Wolong electric & Wamgroup

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