In India over span of 10yrs, we have successfully completed different projects in all the sectors without any single issues pertaining to safety measures.

How does your formwork solution assist rapid construction?
Paschal Modular Formwork is simple and easy to assemble, even a normal workman (unskilled labour) can do it. There is a simple technology called Keybolt, which makes work simpler in construction site. In our panel system tie rod provision are designed appropriately in such a way that the labourer on-site need not think about design pressure, there job is to simply connect key bolt into the slot, further no making or remaking not even single nail is required to assemble our system. Hence, our Paschal formwork system can be assembled very fast, it helps us to erect the formwork in very short span of time, as we recorded labour productivity 16 sq.m./M.Day with manual handling and our materials achieved 20 to 22 cycles concrete pouring in a month.

What are the safety features of your formwork systems?
Yes, Paschal is following international safety parameters, as per DIN standards. It is designed to withstand concrete pressure of 65km/sq.m without any wallers. Further the safety platforms are designed to connect with our panel with same keybolt technology. In India over span of 10yrs, we have successfully completed different projects in all the sectors without any single issues pertaining to safety measures. Even though when the thickness of concrete is more than 2mts. ideally we treat our client project as our own project and take safety measures accordingly.

What are your business plans for the progressive time frame of 2020, as the calendar year is about to end and there will be new plan makings on the board?
We imported our new machinery from Germany to cover up the increased volume of production. This also allows us to stay cost effective without compromising our quality and safety. These measures will help us to improve our sales volume and grasp more orders and fulfill our client needs and expectation, is our immediate goal for 2020.

What is your expectation from the upcoming edition of Excon?
Excon is wonderful opportunity for buyer & seller. An apt platform to meet & exchange their ideas and stay updated on new technologies, new innovations trending in the market. This will help us to demonstrate the utility and the uniqueness of our products. In a similar vein it will also allow us to have clarity on the needs and expectations of the clients. It helps the visitors to understand different concepts & benefits of the products at large and make a sound choice. We strongly believe that we are also one among them. We definitely looking forward to use this opportunity to gain the visitors confidence in our services and offerings and establish a longtime association with them.

What solutions will be exhibiting at Excon? Are you featuring any new products?

  • Paschal has a complete factory set up in Visakhapatnam, India. This allows us to deliver cost effective solution along with timely delivery and also offer refurbishment service.
  • Our RFID Chip technology is an unique state of art process through which our panels are embedded for easy access which is first and only company have it that’s – Paschal
  • Apart from the above, E-deck is a light weight slab panel system, we are re-demonstrating at Excon 2019 with very attractive price.

Manikandan Mahalingam, General Director,Paschal Formwork (India) Private Limited

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