Apart from conventional buildings PEB is finding acceptance in railways and the steel sector too says PV Rao, Managing Director
what is the market size of PEB in India?
Currently the market size in India for PEB is around `4000 crores.

In a timeline when more and more people further the cause of sustainability, do you believe acceptability of PEB resonates with that feeling?
PEB concept was introduced in India in the year 2000. Initially there was resistance from some customers, architects, consultants etc for about 3 years but it gained acceptability from 2003 onwards. Now most of the steel buildings related to ware houses and industries are PEB’s. In railways also PEB’s are gaining acceptance now in a big way. In steel plants and fertiliser plants, where there are heavy EOT cranes, still the consultants are preferring conventional hot rolled structures. We can now see visibility of PEB’s in airports, sea ports, power plants, cement plants, retail stores, commercial high rise buildings etc in India.

Though PEB is seen as a sustainable construction method, experts opine PEB design determines sustainability? What is your point of view?
PEB’s can be built using any country’s structural design code. Indian code is relatively conservative compared to American code and European codes. PEB’s are sustainable and we can have clear advantages like economy, faster construction, aesthetical, low maintenance, relocatable etc.

What is the level of customization one can achieve when it comes to utilizing PEB for the end structures?
PEB’s are basically tailor-made to suit individual requirements catering to various segments. Any building can be made in PEB depending upon the functional requirement.

Are the industry and policy makers offering requisite support to ensure the acceptability and market for PEB?
Nowadays acceptability is gaining momentum in government departments, both state and central. railways, CPWD, warehousing corporations, state agricultural marketing departments, airports authority, steel plants and some other government departments prefer PEB technology because of inherent advantages compared to conventional buildings.

Pebs Pennar. PV Rao,Managing Director, Pebs Pennar.

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