We are committed for a sustainable future and continually work towards making greener products and solutions. Being conscious of the impact on the environment, our manufacturing processes also resonate with the ecological point of view.

what is the market size of PEB in India?
India has emerged as one of the key global markets for pre-engineered buildings. Warehousing, Infrastructure and Industrial segments being the main drivers; PEB market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 12-15% till 2023. Even though the acceptability of metal buildings is on the rise, there is a lot that is yet to be tapped. Only 33% of the Indian construction industry is PEB based, while the remaining 67 % is still based on conventional construction techniques.

In a timeline when more and more people further the cause of sustainability, do you believe acceptability of PEB resonates with that feeling?
Sustainability is the norm of the day. Rising emphasis on green building strategies in recent times have further boosted the PEB industry. PEBs are inherently green (are recyclable and reusable) so far as environmental sustainability is concerned, they are also economically sustainable (due to their long life), as compared to conventional construction methods. PEB construction is 30-40 % faster, unlike a typical masonry. Wastage is minimal with negligible environmental degradation.

At Tata BlueScope Steel we are committed for a sustainable future and continually work towards making greener products and solutions. Being always conscious of the impact on the environment, our manufacturing processes also resonate with the ecological point of view.

PEBs in Steel is the future for a world sitting on brink of global warming. It not only conforms to the universally accepted green standard specifications but also promises long term performance.

Though PEB is seen as a sustainable construction method, experts opine PEB design and various components attached to it determine sustainability? What is your point of view?
For us, sustainability starts right in our design phase. Since they are predesigned with a predetermined usage of building materials, it optimizes resource utilization, minimizing wastage.

In general, there are many components due to which PEBs can be termed as green buildings. PEBs have skylights and wall lights that enabling natural light cutting down on electricity consumption. The insulation in the roofing system enables thermal efficiency. Natural ventilation in form of turbo vents, ridge vents, louvres and roof monitor exhaust CO2, hot air and other harmful gases, maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Since all these work on gravity, there is zero energy consumption.

PEBs supplied by Tata BlueScope Steel are made from COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel, worlds most advanced pre-painted steel coils. These well-researched products are corrosion resistant and offer lifespan up to four times that of conventional pre-painted galvanized steel. These resilient structures enabled by COLORBOND® steel are lead-free due to VOC paint system, are RoHS Compliant and suitable for water harvesting. COLORBOND® steel is also powered by THERMATECH™ technology that enhances the roof’s thermal performance, cooling down inside temperatures, and ensuring lesser energy consumption. Since our products and solutions are made from 100% recyclable steel, they ensure minimal environmental waste and can be reused and relocated.

What is the level of customization one can achieve when it comes to utilizing PEB for the end structures?
Modern-day requirements demand lighter structures without compromising on functionality. Combining the two, BUTLER® and ECOBUILD™ PEB solutions from Tata BlueScope Steel supplies customized pre-engineered steel buildings that are designed for strength, durability, longevity and sustainability. BUTLER® is a premium, globally renowned engineered steel building solution with MR 24 roofing system which carries 10 years leak-proof warranty. ECOBUILD™ is a cost-effective, contemporary building system that can be customized to match various designs, functions, sizes and a host of segment-specific requirements. Both solutions are accompanied by galvanized purlin and girt known as CEE-plus and ZED plus, that last much longer without regular maintenance, as compared with conventional unprotected structural elements. These solutions combine the practicality of a rigid frame with virtually unlimited design flexibility, enabling signature styled architectural structures. Our safe construction practices are a global benchmark derived from BlueScope Steel, Australia. Right from effective use of risk mitigation techniques, erection methodologies supervised by dedicated construction experts, innovative construction technologies.

Strength and sustainability are what makes pre-engineered buildings gain an advantage over their non-conventional counterparts. From progressive segments that range from warehouses, manufacturing facilities, multistories, schools, airports, commercial structures, exhibition& conventions centers etc., our PEB business in India has delivered more than thousand projects for multinational clients such as Unilever, P&G, Ford, DuPont, BOSCH, GE, Colgate-Palmolive, Carlsberg, Tata Boeing, Nivea, Reliance, ITC to name a few.

Are the industry and policymakers offering requisite support to ensure the acceptability and market for PEB?
The Indian construction ecosystem has gone through an evolution in the past few decades. Exposure to global construction technologies and best practices have significantly contributed to it. The major focus of the construction sector is towards the adoption of innovative technologies for faster construction and PEB perfectly suits the bill. India is one of the fastest-growing markets for PEBs, due to its usage across applications, has further widened Government’s policies on SEZs. With increased approval of FDIs and government spends on infrastructure projects like Airports, Metros, railways has given rise in the demand from all sectors in the country. Growing awareness about green buildings and Government subsidies on the solar installation has further pushed demand for PEBs that score higher on Greenfield compliance.

Pulin Trivedi, General Manager – Building Solutions, Tata BlueScope Steel.

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