As India kicks back into gear, contractors will be keen to promptly resume operations. With MB Crusher, you can start trenching, crushing and screening in a matter of a few days says Piero Guizzetti, CEO, MB Crusher India Pvt Ltd.

In the current scenario, what kind of growth do you foresee in mobile crushing and screening solutions? What kind of innovations are being sought?
We see a relatively more positive growth prospect for our niche segment. This is because mobilisation and installation of other alternatives have much longer timelines as compared to our solutions. As India kicks back into gear, contractors will be keen to promptly resume operations. With MB Crusher, you can start trenching, crushing and screening in a matter of a few days.

Currently what products are you banking on? What are some of the premium features of these products?
After the recent policy reforms in India, the mining sector is expected to gain momentum. All these developments will surely drive the demand for crushing and screening solutions in construction and mining activities. At a more specific level, we see some of our smaller models such as our R500 drum cutter as being very pertinent for urban infrastructure requirements. Small, versatile and requires very little space to work, the R500 can be a suitable solution for any piping, trenching or irrigation projects to name a few.

How much of a role does weather conditions and soil play in the selection of crushing and screening products?
Weather is that big of a factor. At least not to the extent that it would not influence the soil itself. For example, extreme cold weather is not so impactful on the material. A high density of rain does have a material impact on crushing and screening operations. A material with high moisture content is not as efficient to screen as dry material. MB is however able to surmount this as it proposes separate screening machines for both inert/dry material, as well as for organic/damp materials.

The GOI has tried to expedite grant of mining leases, as an industry stakeholder, what impact will this move have on your future business prospects?
Significant growth in the mining industry will provide a major boost to demand. We are ready to complement the existing solutions that provide the large volumes as required by captive mine owners, with more targeted requirements that need more flexibility and transportability. Furthermore, mine owners appreciate our products’ capability of working directly at the site in a very independent manner. No connection to the grid or generator is required.

All you need is one excavator and one operator and clients are ready to trench/cut, crush and screen. On a parallel line that can be a guide for the mining sector, over the last few years we have witnessed an exponential growth in road infrastructure development due to major policies, reforms and initiatives undertaken by the central government and by various road development authorities throughout the country. With the increase in the per day road construction (~30 km/day), we have seen a steady growth of 30 per cent for the road construction equipment industry during the last five years.

What kind of changes have you implemented in your existing workflow and supply chain to conduct your business smoothly in the current period?
While still ensuring utmost safety for all our employees and customers and also obliging to all government policies and rules, we have been able to manage our ongoing sales and after-sales efforts in a relatively smooth manner. Thanks to our flexible structure in India, we can adapt. At the same time, we have a very capillary presence in India which helps us reach all territories in a relatively easy manner.

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