Procurement plays an essential role in any project. The project cost depends on the amount spent on purchase of different materials and equipment based on the project requirement. For best results, procurement department is exploring the best technologies available in the market. While choosing a material, product or equipment, the department ensures long-term solution.

Labour scarcity – major factor in construction
Over the years, many changes have occurred in construction industry, out of which labour scarcity is the major one. Due to this change, labour demands have increased and also labour cost. Because of this scenario, projects are now depending on new innovations and technologies which are easy to use and give more productivity.

“The product or equipment should save labour cost and time which ultimately results in overall savings in project cost,” says Manikandan Mahalingam, Deputy General Director, PASCHAL Formwork (India) Pvt Ltd.

Balance over value and cost
Maintaining balance over value and cost of the offering has always been important for the company. Customers are looking forward for the best quality and services that are provided by the vendor. The company is professional in formwork, understands its client’s requirement before submitting the offer. All its products are premium products which are at a reachable price for all the projects. The company always works alongside clients to understand the requirement, to provide them with the best formwork solution possible. They ensure to propose minimum formwork material to complete the overall project based on their project duration.

“Using our material enables labour to work three times faster with three times lesser labour, resulting higher productivity. Using PASCHAL products client can avoid corrective jobs like chipping, plastering and bulging scenario during concreting,” he said.
Mahalingam adds, “We also provide our services pre and post sales activity with proper guidance, acting as a consultant. While considering PASCHAL Formwork workings, products and services provided for the project, our pricing looks very reasonable for our customers. Due to which our half of the business is always with repeated customers.”

PASCHAL Formwork being a German-based company has entered Indian market with four products – modular system (embedded with RFID technology), adjustable modular system, deck system, e-deck system (embedded with RFID technology), refurbishment service (service of existing material).

PASCHAL modular system
It is a panel system and one solution for all vertical structures.

The panel consists of 6-mm thick high sturdy carbon steel, equipped with birch ply. Since the ply is 11-layered and 15-mm thick with phenolic resign coating of 220 GSM. The ply surface itself will give around 300 uses and can also be used for all vertical structures is the fastest moving product of PASCHAL Formwork.

PASCHAL adjustable modular system is a panel system, which is single solution for all columns in a project with different sizes. It is also having all the qualities of PASCHAL modular system but it is having a capability of adjusting for every 5 cm.

PASCHAL deck system
This is a slab system using H-Beams. The H-Beams are made of Birch wood and pine wood combination. Birch wood is used at web portion and pine wood is used at top and bottom portion which is directly in touch with above placed ply.

The e-deck system is used for flat slabs. It is panel system with combination of steel frame and birch wood. In this product, the ply is nine-layered and 12-mm thick with phenolic resign coating of 220 GSM. The ply surface itself will give around 200 uses. Because of beam and drop head system using the e-deck system, the seven-day cycle for slab can be achieved.

Understand costs
All the company’s proposals are based on the structural drawings of the project and the project duration. The company considers their material movement plan and availability of mobility facility. They also ensure with client for any availability of existing material to understand the condition of the same and make sure, if the material can directly fit into the project or if any refurbishment is required. The above workings will allow project team to understand the costs involved and the returns accurately to make further procurement will be 100 per cent accurate.

Opportunity to explore best technologies
There are many foreign technologies Indian market is depending upon. The initiatives like ‘Make in India’ allow foreign companies to produce the same technology in India. This will reduce the cost on importing and transit durations. Thus, allowing project team in procuring the same material or product without compromising on quality at lowest price possible and fastest delivery. This also creates an opportunity to explore the best technologies available globally for optimum solutions and reduce the overall project cost. Being part of “Make in India” programme, the company’s local production will start soon, without compromising on quality and assures the best quality products at best prices with shortest delivery duration.

The product or equipment should save labour cost and time which ultimately results in overall savings in project cost.
Manikandan Mahalingam, Deputy General Director, PASCHAL Formwork (India) Pvt Ltd

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