Putzmeister’s BSA 1407 D Classic Concrete Pump redefines construction with high-performance, user-friendly controls, cost-effective maintenance, and enduring value, offering a revolutionary solution for builders.

Putzmeister is thrilled to unveil its most advanced offering yet, the BSA 1407 D Classic Stationary Concrete Pump. This marvel of engineering, a masterpiece intricately crafted and perfected, is destined to redefine value with its amalgamation of simplicity and high-performance pumping capabilities.

Superior Pumping Performance

The BSA 1407 D is not just a concrete pump but an epitome of engineering excellence, crafted to transform the most challenging tasks into effortless endeavours. It is infused with the revolutionary S-Valve technology, ensuring it handles the most abrasive and difficult concrete with unparalleled efficiency. This machine is preferred for high-rise constructions and projects requiring long-distance pumping. The integration of hydraulic controls amplifies its performance, ensuring each operation is executed with precision and ease.

User-Friendly Operation

Ease of use is one of the quintessential aspects that set the BSA 1407 D Classic apart. The hydraulic controls are ingeniously designed to be intuitive, ensuring operators, regardless of their experience, can master the machine’s operation swiftly. Incorporating variable output control elevates convenience, offering tailored adjustments to meet the distinct needs of every project.

Maintenance Made Effortless

Putzmeister is synonymous with innovation and efficiency. We have infused these core principles into the BSA 1407 D Classic, ensuring that maintenance is not a task but a breeze. The machine is designed to grant convenient access to its parts, complemented by a design featuring fewer components that are easy to replace, making each servicing session swift and efficient.

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Cost Efficiency 

An investment in the BSA 1407 D Classic transcends the acquisition of a concrete pump; it is an entry into a realm of lifelong savings. The machine is a blend of durability and efficiency, characterized by an extended parts wear life and prolonged service intervals. Every aspect is crafted to minimize operational costs while maximizing output.

Durability and Resilience

The BSA 1407 D Classic is built for the present and engineered for the future. Every element, every curve, and every feature is meticulously crafted to withstand intensive use over extended periods. The robust build encapsulates resilience, promising long machine life and the highest resale value in its class.

In every sense, the BSA 1407 D Classic Stationary Concrete Pump manifests Putzmeister’s commitment to quality, innovation, and efficiency. Each feature, each innovation, is a step towards redefining concrete pumping, ensuring that our esteemed clients can execute each project confidently, backed by a machine that epitomizes excellence and reliability.

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