Discover our innovative TRASCO® ES couplings for misalignment compensation, SERVOMATE® discs for servomotor applications, and the reliable SIT-LOCK® keyless locking devices.

TRASCO® ES is our zero-backlash coupling designed to compensate for misalignment and vibration dampening for indexing applications. The compact design of TRASCO® ES makes it the right choice for all precise motion applications. Absorbs shock and vibration through an elastomeric ring in different hardnesses.       


SERVOPLUS® bellows couplings are the perfect coupling in all servo motor applications where high torsional rigidity, truly backlash-free torque transmission, low inertia, and superior reliability are required.

SERVOMATE® disc couplings have been specially designed for servomotor applications.

The aluminium hubs and the compact design provide a low mass moment of inertia, resulting in a reliable and maintenance-free coupling for high speeds. The double disk pack execution has been designed for applications with radial misalignment.

The SIT-LOCK® keyless locking devices produced by SIT S.p.A. for more than 30 years are ideal for any shaft-hub connection application.

SIT-LOCK® units are suitable for connecting any hub (flywheels, pulleys, chain wheels, gears, levers, eccentrics, couplings, etc.) and can be utilised in various industrial applications.

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