The backbone of Filtrec Bharat’s filter assemblies lies in their adherence to stringent international specifications. Discover how this commitment ensures quality, reliability, and consistent performance across diverse hydraulic applications.

Filtrec Bharat is known for its commitment to innovation. How does the company’s R&D department drive advancements in filtration technologies?

Filtrec Bharat is known for continuous innovation in the field of Hydraulic Filtration. We allocate more than 5 percent of our revenue to R&D for research and testing. The main challenges in hydraulic circuits caused by entrapments of dirt or foreign particles include varnish and sludge formation, oxidation, rust formation, noise, quick ageing, and degradation of hydraulic oil, leading to frequent damage of hydraulic parts.

Our new Anti-Varnish Media will prevent the machine from varnish and sludge formation, and our Absolute Beta Spark Buster Filter will help eliminate ESD noise in the hydraulic line. The Absolute BETA H20 Filter will assist in removing oxidation and rust formation. Our new SYN media of Absolute filtration can extend the oil change/filter change period, avoiding spending on breakdown maintenance for hydraulic valves, cylinders, and pumps.

The company emphasises adherence to the latest international specifications in its testing processes. How does this commitment ensure the quality and reliability of Filtrec’s filter assemblies in diverse hydraulic system applications?

Their committees often develop ISO standards after extensive research, consultation, and testing. This means that the testing methods and criteria are comprehensive, ensuring that the filter assemblies undergo rigorous evaluations for performance and durability. Filtrec Bharat ensures consistency across various products and applications by adhering to these standards.

Filtrec Bharat has branches across the country to serve local markets effectively. How does this decentralised presence enable the company to customise solutions based on the specific requirements of different regions?

We have widely spread regional offices in all four zones of India. Our field application team can identify the customers’ regional issues concerning quality, cost, delivery, and innovation parameters. We position ourselves in that gap and assist our customers in resolving their hydraulic problems.

The backbone of Filtrec Bharat's filter assemblies lies in their adherence to stringent international specifications. Discover how this commitment ensures quality, reliability, and consistent performance across diverse hydraulic applications.

Filtrec’s engineers actively contribute to the ISO filtration committee. Could you elaborate on the significance of this involvement and how it influences the development of filtration solutions at Filtrec?

The active involvement of Filtrec’s engineers in the ISO filtration committee signifies a commitment to global standards and best practices in filtration technology. This engagement ensures that Filtrec remains at the forefront of industry advancements, integrating international insights and expertise into its filter development. By actively participating, Filtrec gains direct knowledge of innovations and challenges in hydraulic filtration, which ultimately helps refine and enhance the filtration solutions.

How does Filtrec’s range of filter assemblies contribute to contamination control, ensuring the resilience and reliability of hydraulic systems?

In the field, hydraulic operations are performed according to the end customer’s working hours and availability. During many seasons, machines are used for longer hours non-stop, leading to the heating up of the oil and the entrapment of a lot of dirt during working conditions. Therefore, making the hydraulic system resilient and reliable is very important to withstand long working hours and a dirty environment.

All our filter assemblies are made according to ISO standards and tested for 10 lakh cycles in ISO-approved laboratories, which is long enough for the prescribed lifetime of hydraulic parts.

Considering the industry’s dynamic nature, how is Filtrec Bharat preparing for the future? Are there upcoming projects or innovations that will further strengthen the company’s position in the filtration technology space?

The markets are very dynamic, and customers are becoming more informed and technology-oriented. This is very encouraging and justifies our R&D investment. We continue to develop patented filters for both the mobile and industrial markets, known for their long service life, longer change intervals for oil, higher direct holding capacity, lower pressure drop, and higher filtration efficiency.

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