Jayanta Ray, General Manager- Industrial & OEM, and Vishal Nandurkar, Deputy General Manager – Technical & OEM Business at GS Caltex India, share insights about their roles and contributions to the company’s endeavors in the industrial and OEM sectors.

What strategies and factors contributed to GS Caltex India’s successful establishment and growth within the Indian construction and mining sectors?

Jayanta Ray: GS Caltex India, a collaborative venture between GS Energy and Chevron USA, has entrenched itself in the Indian market over the past 13 years. Specialising in the construction and mining sectors, the company has garnered significant acclaim from major OEMs. In less than a decade, GS Caltex has cultivated partnerships with numerous highly qualified OEMs, a testament to its commitment to quality, service, and distribution. The organisation prioritises India-specific solutions, emphasising efficiency and productivity for its construction and mining clientele.

Quality is paramount for GS Caltex, and the company leaves no stone unturned to tailor its offerings to the Indian market. Regarding distribution, the company boasts a nationwide network that ensures just-in-time delivery, earning accolades from major customers. Beyond supplying products, GS Caltex distinguishes itself with various services, including oil condition monitoring, training services, and expert visits to its Korean R&D refinery. This comprehensive approach, combining top-notch products with an array of supporting services, underscores the success story of GS Caltex in India.

How has GS Caltex India evolved its offerings and strategies to address the changing demands of the construction and mining sectors, especially emphasising sustainability and technological advancements?

Vishal Nandurkar: For numerous years, GS Caltex India has actively showcased advanced products and services for the construction and mining industry. Recognised as a reliable partner to OEMs, the company is gearing up for a significant presence in the coming years. Beyond unveiling its latest offerings in the Excon, GS Caltex strongly emphasises sustainability, aligning with the growing corporate trend towards responsibility and environmental consciousness.

In its latest initiatives, the company will highlight futuristic products tailored for the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry and those crafted from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. This commitment to a sustainable ethos reflects GS Caltex’s dedication to environmentally conscious practices. Alongside these efforts, a dedicated website exclusively for construction and mining customers will be introduced, offering comprehensive insights into the company’s products and services.

Integrating automation into soil condition monitoring services represents a technological leap, promising enhanced value for customers. Through these innovative approaches, GS Caltex aims to reinforce its position as an industry leader, showcasing product advancements and a commitment to sustainable and technologically-driven solutions within the construction and mining sector.

How is GS Caltex India actively promoting sustainability in producing oils and lubricants, addressing regulatory norms, and shaping a future where eco-friendly practices are integral to its business strategies?

Jayanta Ray: GS Caltex India has been promoting eco-friendly practices in producing oils and lubricants, pioneering sustainability initiatives before it became a mainstream corporate focus. The company has actively engaged in various activities to convey the message of sustainability, from developing optimised packing materials to incorporating recycled plastics in packaging. A key aspect often overlooked is the focus on offering products with extended drain periods, ensuring customers can use them longer, thus reducing overall resource consumption.

In addition to product improvements, GS Caltex is committed to enhancing the recycling aspects of its packaging materials. The company promotes sustainability by adding components that contribute to longer drain intervals. Notably, GS Caltex, as a group, is working comprehensively on sustainability across various sectors, including lubricants, resins, polymers, and chemicals. While biobased lubricants are not presently in India, GS Caltex is prepared for the future transition, showcasing sustainable and eco-friendly products at exhibitions.

GS Caltex is also adapting to evolving regulatory norms as part of its sustainability endeavours. With upcoming regulations in the Indian market favouring refined base oil in lubricants, the company is prepared to meet these standards. The commitment to sustainability extends beyond current practices, with GS Caltex actively exploring innovations and adjusting its product pricing model to align with its offerings’ environmental benefits and extended lifespan. In essence, GS Caltex is not only responding to current sustainability needs but is proactively shaping a future where eco-friendly practices are integral to its product offerings and business strategies.

What are the current trends in the Indian oil and lubricants sector that signal a positive market environment for GS Caltex?

Vishal Nandurkar: In the Indian oil and lubricants sector, key trends include a shift towards integrated media for marketing and leveraging technology to streamline processes. The absence of negative feedback amid the establishment of new manufacturing sites is a positive indicator for the industry, reflecting a favourable market environment for GS Caltex.

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