This piece summarises the expertise imparted by Nimesh Chinoy, Director – SigmaWeld, Electronics Devices Worldwide Pvt Ltd, during his presentation at the November 2023 B2B Purchase Procurement Forum. The webinar centered on the emerging trends within the Welding and Cutting sector of the Construction industry for the year 2023.

In the domain of industrial manufacturing, where every second equates to profit and accuracy is non-negotiable, a significant shift has been observed from traditional practices to an urgency for efficient and cost-effective project completions. One of the prime areas witnessing this transformation is welding, an indispensable component of industrial production.

Limitations of conventional welding techniques

Traditional welding techniques have served various industries for decades. However, these methods are fraught with challenges such as limited stiffness, shallow penetration depths, increased zones affected by heat, and the necessity for highly skilled labor. The manual edge preparation is notably a time sink, leading to inconsistent results and extended project timelines.

The advantages of automation in pre-weld preparation

The introduction of beveling and milling machines has been a game-changer. These machines ensure uniform bevel angles and root faces while dramatically curtailing the preparation time. For example, a stainless steel plate, which would take a laborious 10 minutes to prepare manually, can now be readied in less than 2 minutes using such advanced machinery. The message is clear: equipment use not only solidifies consistency but also frees up valuable time.

From manual expertise to automated efficiency in welding

With the preparation phase optimized, the focus shifts to the welding itself. Manual welding, though flexible, is slow and resource-intensive. On the other hand, embracing semi-automatic welding setups with continuous wire feed can streamline operations and cut costs by reducing overlaps and material wastage.

The emergence of Keyhole TIG welding

Keyhole TIG welding stands out as a significant leap forward in welding efficiency. This advanced technique is marked by its ability to achieve deep penetration with a concentrated arc, eliminating the need for filler material and yielding welds as robust as the base metal itself. The process is adept at handling various metals and alloys across a range of thicknesses, and all in a single pass.

Demonstrating the efficacy of Keyhole TIG welding

A practical demonstration of Keyhole TIG welding’s prowess reveals its capability to operate at 400 millimeters per minute on an 8 M plate, achieving complete penetration with minimal distortion. This method is versatile, applicable to a myriad of metals and thicknesses, showcasing its adaptability in various industrial contexts.

Real-world applications of Keyhole TIG welding have yielded impressive outcomes across different sectors. Successes include drastic reductions in consumable wire use, accelerated production times, and large-scale projects completed within unprecedented timelines.

Benchmarking welding performance

To put the benefits into perspective, consider the construction of a storage tank. Where traditional welding would require over 44 hours of labor, Keyhole TIG welding can accomplish the same task in approximately 1.5 hours, epitomizing efficiency and resulting in significant cost savings.

The difference between conventional welding and Keyhole TIG welding is stark. The latter offers single-pass welding at increased speeds, starkly reducing the time and materials needed for projects, which in turn, lowers costs considerably.

The future is Keyhole TIG welding

The shift towards Keyhole TIG welding is a clear move towards the future of industrial welding. It promises enhanced productivity, cost reduction, and high-caliber welding quality, paving the way for industries to surge ahead. As we stand on the brink of this innovative era, it’s time to embrace Keyhole TIG welding for a competitive edge in the market. Join us on this path of evolution and witness the transformation of your welding processes firsthand.


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