Nova Formwork Systems has a range of formwork panels which can be used for walls, slabs, columns, beams, etc with ease which gives surface finish and saves lots of time. In an interaction with B2B Purchase, company’s MD, Vikas Mittal speaks about the steps for cost-effectiveness, qualitative, timely completion of projects and safety aspects.

What steps should be taken for cost-effectiveness, qualitative and timely completion of projects?
Firstly, assessment of the correct quantity plastic formwork is essential for the project so that we can determine the number of uses. We can get out of the formwork by making it economical per usage and the formwork can be ordered in the right quantity, this keeps the capital employed to the lowest. Our team makes sure that as per the requirements we design the lowest quantity needed which can give the maximum output. Maintaining a proper work schedule like re-baring, concreting at the site help complete the work on time. In case of plastic formwork, automatically the quality is taken care by 95 per cent, the rest 5 per cent is of labour to follow instructions which will give good surface finish and strengthen the concrete as well as there would be no leakages and better curing as water is not lost after casting.

How do you ensure the safety of workmen and living up to their commitment of erecting structures on time?
Nova plastic formwork is very safe to use and are light in weight, easy to handle, thus there is very less chance for any mistakes. Plastic being a safe product as compared to metal of heavy formwork, the workers can easily lift and setup the formwork. The other safety factors at site should be maintained by the contractor like safety shoes, proper stacking of panels, proper passages, etc.

How essential is the role of training program given to unskilled labour, supervisor and project engineer on site?
With any system it imparts the best when the people using it are trained to get the full advantages of the product. Nova formworks being very easy to assemble and modular, it is just like building blocks we used to play when we were young, it is very easy to make sizes and get the desired output. We send our site engineers to the site for training when the material reaches the site and we make sure that they use the same in the best possible way.

Please talk about your offerings in this space.
Nova formworks is a modular plastic formwork system which is light in weight, easy to use and comes with pins and wedges which are used to lock panels together to the sizes needed by using the panels of any size. Nova formworks is made of a very high-quality plastic compound which is robust and can be used for more than 100 repetitions. It has a very low surface tension which gives it the advantage of not sticking to concrete and thus saving on shuttering oil cost. It just needs to be washed with water after each use and it is just like new again.

Nova formworks is made of a very high-quality plastic compound which is robust and can be used for more than 100 repetitions.
Vikas Mittal, Managing Director, Nova Formwork Systems

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