On September 24, 2023, Spartan celebrated Founder’s Day with a tribute to Mr. Mahendra Bhai Mehta’s legacy. The day has featured grandeur and philanthropy, encapsulating Spartan’s commitment to honouring its heritage while giving back to society.

On September 24, 2023, Spartan celebrated Founder’s Day, commemorating Mr. Mahendra Bhai Mehta’s birthday. The grandeur began with the roaring entrance of Mehta Sir and Rajul Madam. Managing Director Dr. Vikram Mehta and Director Hiral Mehta followed. Dr. Vikram, channelling insights from the movie ‘The Secret,’ led Spartans on a journey of visualisation and life-affirming lessons. Post speech, 35 Spartans were honoured for their valuable contributions, dancing joyously to receive their awards. The climax was a heartfelt birthday celebration for Shri Mahendra Bhai Mehta, with his entire family joining the festivities, followed by a humour-filled skit by the Atgaon Factory Team, ending the event on a note of collective laughter and dance.

Giving back to society – impactful CSR activities

Spartan’s dedication to societal growth is vividly showcased every Founder’s Day through various CSR activities across various regions and factories. Our unwavering dedication is not just a sentiment but is demonstrated through tangible actions that bring warmth and assistance to the less privileged. In Mumbai, the elderly at Vatsalya Trust were honoured with gifts and dinner. Meanwhile, Vasai’s Hand Maids of Blessed Trinity Orphanage received generous donations from Spartan’s SFL Team.

In Delhi & NCR, the Nirbhed Foundation in Ghaziabad was endowed with books and food donations, highlighting our belief in education and nourishment. The Ahmedabad team contributed significantly by gifting groceries to Andh Apang Kalyan Kendra. A similar act of kindness was mirrored by the Bangalore team, who donated groceries to Mahalakshmi nursing homes, underscoring our respect and care for the elderly.

Atgaon’s factory team reached out to Matoshree Vridhashram in Mumbai, while the Chennai team was busy providing lunch at Sakthi Aadharavu Illam. The Hyderabad team donated food to Thara Home Orphanages, marking our footprint of kindness across the city. Shree Sadguru Seva Mandir Trust in Thane witnessed the generosity of the Kalwa factory team.

A struggling NGO, Orphan, in Kolkata, was included; they received cooked food from the Kolkata team. In Pune, our team extended their support to the Mamata Foundation, bringing hope and assistance to HIV-positive individuals. Each act of kindness and donation echoes Spartan’s unwavering commitment to building a compassionate and supportive society. Every Founder’s Day is a celebration of our past and a stepping stone towards a future where societal welfare is ingrained in our ethos.

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