We are acutely aware of our responsibilities as a manufacturer and provide novel approaches to manage waste effectively.

Construction generates massive amounts of waste, but Terex India is taking strides to minimise its environmental footprint. In this interview, Amol Sinha, Director – Products, Terex India Pvt Ltd, discusses how the company promotes responsible and sustainable dry waste management practices in their construction projects.

Terex emphasises environmental impact reduction through electric and hybrid offerings. Can you tell us more about these products and how they contribute to a sustainable construction industry in India?

Terex India has been an early adopter in terms of introducing hybrid and dual-power machinery. As their name implies, these devices significantly reduce the dependency on conventional fossil fuels, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are capable of being fueled by renewable energy. Further reducing their environmental impact, we are introducing engines that can run on several fuels. In addition to lowering pollutants, these electric devices also use less energy. They use less energy even when performing the same duties, which greatly impacts the environment and lowers costs.

How is Terex India embracing technology, such as IoT and automation, to enhance the performance and safety of your equipment?

Terex India takes pride in being among the first users of the Internet of Things and telematics. We have provided these technologies for more than five or six years and have several benefits. IoT enables operators, owners, managers, and even our dealers and engineers to remotely monitor equipment operations, locations, and conditions. This improves safety while simultaneously lowering operating costs and minimising downtime, leading to benefits in overall efficiency.

 The Indian government has been promoting the ‘Make in India’ initiative. How does Terex India contribute to local manufacturing and support the country’s vision of self-reliance in construction equipment production?

Terex India has a long history of producing crushers within the nation, particularly mobile crushers. Our initial goal was to serve the Indian market, but the remarkable quality of our goods caught Terex Corporation’s eye and opened up chances for export. Over 40% of our equipment is being exported, demonstrating our dedication to the Indian market and our support of the “Make in India” movement.

How does Terex India ensure that equipment is designed for longevity, ease of maintenance, and eventual recycling or repurposing? 

In every step of our design process, durability and sustainability are guaranteed. To lessen our reliance on engines and preserve petroleum resources, we are progressively creating electrically powered equipment. Instead of using plastic components, our focus is on employing readily recyclable materials like steel and aluminium. This advances the circular economy while also making our machines more environmentally friendly. Additionally, by eliminating the need for physical travel and enabling remote machine health and defect monitoring, our automation systems help save gasoline and cut greenhouse gas emissions. 

What steps does Terex India take to promote responsible and sustainable dry waste handling practices in construction projects? 

We are acutely aware of our responsibilities as a manufacturer and provide novel approaches to manage waste effectively. For instance, our high-frequency screens can transform crushed dust into manufactured sand without water, conserving this precious resource. We also employ impactor technology to crush aggregates and demolition waste, reducing the need for water-intensive log washer systems. Due to the water-efficient features of our machines, construction activities have fewer adverse effects on the environment. 

Could you elaborate on how Terex India’s recycling systems are tailored to meet the unique recycling challenges in India, particularly for multi-material sorting and processing? 

India’s unique landscape presents challenges in recycling, as demolition sites are often scattered and diverse. To address this, we provide scalable devices that can be readily relocated to multiple sites, whether small or large. Our devices are designed to operate on-site, eliminating the need to collect and transport recyclables to centralised recycling centres. This method reduces resource waste and disruptions to adjacent populations. 

We provide a wide range of solutions to cater to the diverse materials encountered in recycling. Our unique screens efficiently segregate distinct materials by utilising diverse media such as cascading fingers and flip-flop screens. These screens are low-cost, user-friendly, and can handle damp and unclean materials. Furthermore, we provide self-cleaning trommel screens to ensure optimal uptime. We offer air-density and eddy current separators for more sophisticated separation of nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminium. Magnetic separators are also available, allowing for excellent material separation. 


What emerging trends and challenges do Terex India anticipate, and how is the company preparing to address them?

The construction sector in India is expanding rapidly but in many distinct manners. We provide a variety of machinery, from mobile equipment for quick deployment to modular facilities for scalability to suit these changing demands. We offer hybrid and multi-fuel devices that can adjust to different power supply circumstances. We use cutting-edge technology like high-frequency screens and impactors to improve the quality of recycled materials while accommodating water availability with our dry and wet systems. To manage various forms of contamination, we are also offering creative size reduction techniques and effective procedures, ensuring the sustainability of construction practices.

Spokesperson – Amol Sinha, Director – Products, Terex India Pvt Ltd

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