Perma Eazee Coat is a milky white liquid which can be brush applied to most structural surfaces to make them waterproof. The coating is UV stable and highly flexible.

Primary uses
Perma Eazee Coat is used for waterproofing all types of RCC surfaces such as roofs, chajjas, parapet walls and external walls. Asbestos cement sheets roofs can also be waterproofed using scrim cloth at the junctions, overlaps and J- bolts as reinforcement.

As a damp proof course applied under the first layer of bricks or blocks in masonry works.

• Perma Eazee Coat can be applied directly from the can.
• Perma Eazee Coat cures and gives a permanently flexible and resilient surface resistant to a wide range of
• No cleaning solvents are required and can be washed off with water when still wet.
• Single component and easily brush applied.
• Can be used on wet surfaces and during rainy season.
• Mechanical damages to the membrane can easily be repaired by spot application.
• The membrane allows the concrete surface to breathe.
• Seamless application no joints are required.

Directions for use
Waterproofing normal concrete:
Clean the surface to remove all loose particles and any deleterious matter. Repair all cracks, honeycombs and blemishes from the concrete surface. Brush-apply Eazee Coat primer on the entire surface liberally. Primer is prepared by diluting one part by volume of Eazee Coat with one volume of water. When the primer coat is just dry apply the second coat running the brush perpendicular to the first coat. Provide fibre-glass or scrim fabric at junctions of vertical and horizontal surfaces after one coat then apply the second coat.

On asbestos sheet roofing:
Provide scrim or fibre-glass fabric at J bolts and junction of sheets over one coat of bitu Coat. Then, brush apply Eazee Coat on the entire surface in two coats.

Damp proof course:
On the cleaned plinth, apply two coats of Eazee Coat. The second coat is applied after about four hours of the first coat. When the second coat is still wet, blind it with clean sharp sand to provide mechanical key.

Perma Eazee Coat is available in packs of 500 g, 1.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg and 50 kg.

Shelf life
Perma Eazee Coat has a shelf life of 24 months if stored in manufacturer’s original packing in a cool and dry place away from moisture and heat.

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