Gopi Krishna More, Managing Director, Torsa Machines Limited, talks about the current market situation and suggests that the government should look at stimulating the economy with all the tools and resources at its disposal.

How would you describe your experience at Excon 2019?
The response to Excon 2019 was good. Themes like Women in Construction which were included were a welcome change. Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Nitin Gadkari’s speech to the stakeholders of the industry addressed a lot of ongoing concerns and also added a lot of hope and positivity among the participants.

What kind of products did you showcase at Excon?
We showcased our range of crushing solutions at Excon 2019. Torsa specialises in different range of crushing solutions – right from – 50 ton/hour to 150ton/hour. Our varied products cater to different customer needs and help them harness additional productivity. Our products are categorised across different series; one series I am very proud of is the E-Series, which offers 33 per cent additional productivity at a very minimal investment.

What kind of new technological innovations can we see in these products?
The C7 which caters to both crushing and screening operations is one of a kind. No one else offers it in the market except Torsa. In C7, we have put all the major equipment on a single chassis. This invariably reduces the space required for the installation and improves efficiency.

In the current market scenario, how optimistic are you about your product?
The market situation is cyclical in nature. Currently, I feel the government is looking at the social side of governance. And I am sure that they will look at the economic side as well. So in times to come, things should be okay.

So, how do you see the sector performing in 2020?
There is a tremendous scope of construction work in villages and all across India. In the immediate term, the business maybe a little slow but it will pick up in medium and long term.

Gopi Krishna More, Managing Director,Torsa Machines Limited

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