TVS Eurogrip is a future-ready organisation capable of delivering high-quality products for global markets. We have a laser-sharp focus on tracking the emerging market needs, and we develop technologies to meet the changing market demands.

Learn the details of TVS Eurogrip’s innovative approach to OTR tyre development, which focuses on the best possible traction, comfort, and durability in changing soil conditions.

 Which industries rely on OTR Tyres, and how are these tyres customised for specific needs?

OTR tyres are used in agriculture, agro-allied, construction, and mining industries. They are also used in heavy earthmoving machines.

At TVS Eurogrip, we have a strong focus on this segment through our wide range of OTR tyres. With a wide variety of machinery and applications, the tyre sizes, design, and construction are diverse, requiring a huge portfolio of products catering to the segment.

 Our teams are constantly working on creating more products for this segment. We study and understand the requirements of each industry and design products to suit the given conditions.

Optimised performance, efficiency, and longevity are the highlights of our OTR tyres. For example, The EM 27 E-3/L-3 tyre is designed for wheel loaders, and its wide lugs provide more ground contact area and excellent traction. The tyre is built with a heat-resistant compound to withstand cuts and chips while working on tough terrains. The strong casing offers toughness to carry heavy loads. Some of the other models are EL 18, EL 09, EM 18, and IL 09.

How do OTR tyres perform on diverse terrains, and what role does tyres technology play in their adaptability?

Research and testing are pivotal to us before a product hits the market. We focus on maximising safety, reliability, durability, and operation efficiency. At the same time, efforts are taken to minimise the usage of items impacting the environment, rolling resistance, input cost, and energy. We are now enhancing our range in the Agri and flotation segment, developing technology and products for the construction segment.

What’s the significance of the tyres load index in choosing OTR tyres for heavy machinery, and how does it vary by tyres type?

The tyre load index is an international code that indicates the maximum load a tyre can carry at the rated speed specified by the manufacturer. It is generally a two- or three-digit number representing each tyre’s load-bearing limit. The higher the tyre’s load index number, the greater its load-carrying capacity. It is important to remember that choosing a tyre with a lower load index than the original equipment specifications means that the tyre will not carry the load capacity of the original. While choosing OTR tyres, it is necessary to ensure all the tyres are of the same load capacity to distribute equal weight on your vehicle’s tyres.

If the tyres carry more than their specified load index, it will lead to increased fuel consumption, poor vehicle handling, and underperformance.

What are the key maintenance and safety considerations for OTR tyres operators in challenging conditions, and how can these improve tyres lifespan and job site safety?

OTR tyres must be checked for wear, damage, or puncture signs. The tyre pressure and tread depth must also be checked. Any damage or issue must be addressed immediately. Regular inspection will ensure safety and reliability. Keeping tyres properly inflated, rotating tyres regularly for even wear, and aligning wheels to prevent uneven wear and tear will increase the longevity of the OTR tyres. Maintenance also involves keeping the tyres clean and free of debris.

Overloading or uneven loading can damage the tyres and also prove hazardous. Driving at optimal speed is another factor to be considered. Drivers should be aware of the vehicle’s weight and its load while also keeping an eye on road and weather conditions and adjusting their ‘DRIVING’ accordingly. 

What advancements in OTR tyres materials and design contribute to reduced fuel consumption and environmental impact in industries like mining and construction?

TVS Eurogrip is a future-ready company providing top-notch global products. We laser-focus on tracking and meeting emerging market demands through technology development.We are challenging ourselves by pushing the boundaries on the quality and quantity of new products we deliver to the business. We are developing OTR products to service the needs of high-powered tractors, Steel belts, VF technology range of products, Specialised products for Harvesters, etc. We focus on developing technologies that bring superior field traction in different soil conditions, better riding comfort, and best-in-class durability.

Spokesperson – V Sivaramakrishnan, Chief Technology Officer, TVS Srichakra Limited

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