Top reasons why the Mahindra EarthMaster is an ideal heavy earth moving equipment in addition to being a brilliant piece of engineering.  The backhoe loader is known to have universal appeal in the world of the construction industry. While it is known fact that Mahindra EarthMaster is a favourite with the current users, the reasons behind it are much lesser known. Here are the top reasons why the Mahindra EarthMaster is an ideal heavy earth moving equipment in addition to being a brilliant piece of engineering.Size and powerMahindra EarthMaster is a rather compact machine, but it packs more power than one would assume. With peak gross torque in the range of 306 Nm at 1,300 – 1,700 rpm it is a huge explosion in a rather small packet which also results in low operating cost. Moreover, the gross horse power in a range of 83 PS at 2,300 RPM is sufficiently high for a machine of its size. It is this combination of small size and great power that adds to the inherent appeal of the machine to the operators and owners alike. Also, its reach in both directions are much higher compared to other machines of a similar category.VersatilityThere is no denying that the Mahindra EarthMaster is a versatile piece of equipment. While it serves as an excellent heavy earth moving equipment, it is also very useful for trenching, excavating, breaking asphalt, uprooting trees, clearing ground etc. It is a single machine that can do the work of 3 or more on a smaller work site saving a lot of expense in terms of machine requirement for various jobs.Ease of operationMahindra EarthMaster can be operated with ease without stressing out the operator much when compared to other machines used for similar operations. With the new technology being adopted in it, ease of operation has increased with the levers being replaced with joysticks and the cabins being made more comfortable for the operators. Operator cabin’s come equipped with radio, speakers and comfortable chairs to help operators work with increased efficiency.Sound technologyGiven the fact that backhoe loaders occupy more than 45 per cent of the market in the CE industry, sufficient money is spent in upgrading the technology to make BHL’s better in terms of the manufacturing costs, over all pricing, materials used in manufacturing, fuel efficiency, the quality of the machine and comfort of operation. Mahindra is at the forefront of the innovation a good number of hours have been spent on R&D to improve the good to better. Mahindra EarthMaster is state-of-the-art in terms of technology and fuel consumption. They also come with advanced Remote Care II telematics system with features like vehicle tracking, geofencing, breakdown assistance, excessive idling, low engine oil pressure, battery low, water in fuel, high engine RPM, and service due reminder. Money wiseMahindra EarthMaster is easy on the pockets as the company’s tie-up with various banks allows customers to easily finance the machine at low down payment and relatively lower total cost of ownership. While buying a backhoe may not be suitable for all, given the machine’s popularity, it is also made available on rent and lease as an option to avoid block a sizeable capital in acquiring the equipment which could be better used elsewhere.All in all no matter what the argument, the Mahindra EarthMaster emerges as ideal and versatile heavy earth moving equipment. Contact:Mahindra & Mahindra LtdCE BusinessGate No. 2, 1st FloorPowerol Building, Akurli RoadKandivali (East)Mumbai-400 101Toll Free No. 1800 209 9979

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